N18 New Sprue Weapon Options by Hand


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Oct 30, 2014
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Hi Yaktribe,

Because I am a particular pain in the arse and I am bad a t converting I thought I would start a thread where I post up the particular weapons and their handings for the new starting sprues so that people like me who are bad at converting know what they can arm their starting gangs with.

To start with I will list out the Goliath Sprue options

2 handed weapons
Renderiser (Parts 19, 20 and 21)
Rivet Cannon (Parts 31, 32 and 33)
Stub Cannon (Parts 7,8 and 9)
Stub Cannon (PArts 40, 41 and 42)

Left handed weapons
Power Hammer (Part 30)
Stub Gun (Part 43)
Combat Shotgun (Part 10)
Brute Cleaver (Part 17)

Right Handed Weapons
Spud Jacker (Parts 44 and 45)
Grenade (Part 11)
Combi Stub/plasma pistol (Part 29)
Grenade Launcher (Part 18)

You get 2 sprues so there is some mix and match available.

Holstered Weapons include
2 x stick grenade bundles (59 and 62)
1 x "pinepple" grande bundle (60)
1 x knife (61)

The following weapons from the house equipment list are NOT on the sprue:
Axe (you could sub in the brute cleaver or the renderiser)
Fighting Knife (There is a holstered version being part 61)
There are also no arms without weapons.

Also worthwhile pointing out that the Goliath sprue only has 5 bodies, 5 different chestplates, 8 shoulder pads, 4 uncovered faces (1 of which uses the cigar) and 4 uncovered faces and only 5 mohawks to choose from.

I hope this helps you plan out your starting gang roster a little bit better so that you know what you need to convert straight off the bat.


Cranky Git
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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
The better news is that the Escher sprue is much more versatile. Remember that each box comes with 2 sprues so plenty of options here.

Base stock
5 bodies and legs
9 face options (1 feather, 1 covered 1 breather, 1 bionic eye, 1 eye patch, 2 plain)
7 hair styles
2 x holstered knives
4 x types of holstered grenades

2 Handed Weapons
1 x chemthrower (29,30,31)
1 x autogun (27,28)
1 x lasgun (36,37)
1 x lasgun (15,16)
1 x shotgun (4,5)

Left Handed Weapons
1 x auto pistol (25)
1 x Las pistol (13)
1 x plasma pistol (7)
1 x combi bolter needler shouldered (10)
1 x knife (22)
1 x knife (34)
1 x Sword (20)

Right Handed Weapons
1 x lasgun shouldered (23)
1 x laspistol (14)
1 x laspistol (21)
1 x laspistol (35)
1 x shock whip (9)
1 x sword (26)
1 x knife (6)

As with the Goliath there are no unarmed arms to start with so if you want a weapon not on the sprue or on a different hand you better start chopping.

You should be able to get a good variety of models from this set of sprues without any obvious duplication between models..


Aug 19, 2017
these are actually really handy thanks :)

I'm just confused I cant find the spudjacker in the gang war book even thought it has a picture of it on the weapons page, is it just a 'club' or 'axe'?


Nov 28, 2017
Likewise Clubs show up for purchase in the Trading depot, but are only given stats in the Gangs of Legend PDF.

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Mar 10, 2018
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Sorry for the necro but on the Escher gang can anyone tell me what the triangle unit that is connect to a tube on the belts actually is?

Thank you


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Oct 30, 2014
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1 long las (Holstered)
1 shock stave
1 Web Gauntlet (for belt)
1 Hand Flamer
3 Auto Pistols
1 Grav Gun
1 Las pistols
1 Fletchette Pistol
2 stub guns
1 pair throwing knives (L&R hands)
1 Shotgun
1 Autogun (holstered)
1 set of throwing knives (for belt)
1 holstered pistol
1 grenade (in hand)
Various grenades/equipment for belt


thought I should update this as I know have the gang box. You obviously get two of each as there are two sprues in each box.

Left Handed
65 scope
71 grenade
37 hand flamer
48 las pistol
75 grav gun
69 stiletto knife
27 stub gun
77 grenade
59 autopistol
?? Shock Stave

Right Handed
64 bullets?
72 pin
39 autopistol
20 fletchette pistol
50 empty open hand
70 stiletto knife
78 shot gun
29 stub pistol
61 autopistol

Back Mounted
66 long rifle
67 autogun

Waist Mounted
74 web gauntlet
79 pistol
?? Knives

Hope this helps everyone when working out what they are able to arm their gang with out of the box.
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Jacob Dryearth

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Sep 6, 2016
(double these sprue contents for a box)

Base stock
5 x bodies, w/shoulder assemblies and legs (one is bionic)
1 x extra shoulder assembly for the tactical rock body (convert other models into Cawdor)
2 x full heads (big hoods with candles)
4 x heads w/o faces
4 x face options (1 with goggles/photo visor, 3 without)
1 x holstered knife
2 x scrap armor pieces
1 x small shield icon bit
2 x ammo belts for polearms
1 x part 9, for filling in the cult icon gap

2 Handed Weapons
1 x giant crossbow (2nd hand loading explosive quarrel)
1 x autogun
1 x polearm pole
3 x polearm poles, held one handed
1 x polearm pole/cult icon, held upright one handed

Polearm guns (combine with above)
1 x autogun polearms
2 x blunderbuss polearms
1 x cult icon/2 handed axe

Left Handed Weapons
2 x reclaimed autopistols
1 x bone knife (1 tend to count these as unarmed, since polearm guys have them)
1 x flail
1 x autogun, held one handed

Right Handed Weapons
1 x reclaimed autopistol
1 x stubgun
1 x railroad spike
1 x sawblade maul
1 x hand flamer
1 x incendiary grenade

Arms are for the most part not interchangeable without conversion as the joints are all different.
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Cranky Git
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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I still need to do a list of weapons for the Orlock box and the Van Saar box.

I actually own the Orlock box so can do that myself, but I’ve got no idea what is in the Van Saar box so would appreciate if someone else who owns the box could do a write up.