New Yaks Eve 2019 Hobby Resolutions


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Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
* Setting aside enough actual time to get the Mice & Mystics pieces painted.
* Likewise the Blackstone Fortress pieces.
* Likewise the [Kharadron] Brotherhood Miners' Gang, Pit Slaves, and of course, more Kroot and gobbos and orks....
* Terrain. This is the big one. Setting aside some shelf space, and putting together some GorkaMorka terrain to start [since it is more sparse]. Hopefully finding the buried-in-back-basement-storage complete set of ORB 'munda and Outlanders terrain. Because it packs flat. Also 3-D printing a few more bulkheads, and styrene-and-sticker-paper expanding that particular collection. Because it packs flat. And has nostalgia value. Terrain will also give opportunity to playtest the SW:A Kroot rules I cobbled together.
* Participate in the Captain's Second First Annual Festive Shootout, with a whole new character.
Huh! Surprisingly, did better than expected. No extra space for terrain, but did manage most of the rest!
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Oct 26, 2013
London E2
40K | Eldar Wraithblade & Ranger squad (status: undercoated/partly base coated)

Wraithblades yes, rangers no.

40K | Imperial guard heavy weapon squad (status: half built)

Didn’t see the light of day.

40K | Asurmen, Hand of Asuryan (status:
base coated)

Yay Phoenix lords!

40K | Forgeworld Avatar (status: half painted & needs sword repairing)

Done, finally!

Necro/Insuisimunda | Denizens of Angel Falls -
Exo armoured squat (status: half painted)
Inquisitor Bane (status: needs basing)
Explorator Galleus Grimm (status: built)
Bull Gorg (status: half built)

Only Bane got done from this list and that was such an easy win it doesn’t even warrant an orange colour!

Blood Bowl | Kitbashed Orc Team (status: half painted)

Much to my surprise, I finished this one this morning.

Gaslands | Monster truck & war rig (status: not built)

Started the war rig but couldn’t find the motivation to get far.

Necro/Insuisimunda |Inquisitor Hybris Khronos -
Inquisitor Khronos (status: half built)
10 Inquisitorial storm troopers (status: NIB)
A rabble of Frateris Militia (status: built)

Did a tiny bit more but barely touched really.

40K |Re-base entire Eldar army of approx. 150 figures :cry: (status: yellowed baking soda "snow" and mismatched styles as basing techniques evolved over the course of 7 years or so)


Blood Bowl | Kitbashed Underworld Team (status: will be built by 2019)


Guild Ball | Butchers (status: most half painted, with 2-3 players NIB)


AOS/Kings of War | Chaos Warriors converted from AOS Stormcast (status: half built)


Overall: very much below average.


Oct 1, 2018
West Greenwich, RI
Well my report is dismal.
1.) Narrow game focus - utter failure. I don't want to talk about it.
2.) Downsize - partial success. I have managed to get rid of some stuff that I'm not playing or no longer interests me. However I have purchased some new games, so I guess it's 50/50.
3.) Complete projects before starting new - partial success again. I have finished up on several things (Necromunda box set and Dramatis Personae, a couple of Kill Teams, a few cars for Gaslands). I did start new projects before finishing ALL I had in progress (a Necron army which I DID finish for one). Again, probably 50/50.
4.) Focus more on playing the games I have - partial success. Even though I bought some new games I did - for the most part - play the ones I have.
In all honesty it wasn't a great year for me hobby wise as I was recovering from a heart attack and dealing with the associated bills. The last 3 or 4 months have seen things improve dramatically as I've been getting more of my favorite games in along with getting a lot of minis finished and off my desk. Hopefully that trend will continue after the Holidays are over. I think this year my hobby resolutions will be a bit more specific as to what I want to accomplish and less broad brush strokes.
Oh, and because I'm old and not super-tech saavy I'm not sure how to color my post. LoL
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Feb 8, 2013
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Hmm... lets see if I can capture/remmeber what I got done this year:

25 blood pact complete
1 ash wastes caravan complete
started the year with 31 guard complete, now up to 82 complete
with another 85 in progress out of a total of 260 total.
started the year with 0 tanks complete, now up to 5 complete out of 16
10 more cawdor complete (bringing total up to mid forties)
4 delaque completed, need to get another 6 done by the 27th dec for campaign kick off
secret santa model converted and completed (and sent!)
approx 50% of a board to a playable level (more weathering/details to be done),
with another 30% built. Partial success here
Flooring installed in gaming room and decorating finished 100%, additional shelves to store guard installed but door not made yet (50%)
Cold trader allies partially converted (35% complete)
promethium guild allies partially made (35% complete)

2 campaigns played of Dominion (including grand zombie horde finale!)
1 ongoing law and misrule and another starting jsut after xmas (counting this as a success)
Running the necromunda LGT (folk seemed to enjoy it, taking this as a success)

TT combat cancal board (0%)
Mordheim warband and campaign (0%)
Enforcer gang (0%)
2nd and 3rd goliath gangs (0%)
2nd orlock gang (0%)

Venator gang (120%) (12 models completed when I only planned for 10)
Ambot (100%)

Chrimerax (0%)
Not lost all sanity (35%)

Overall an alright year, but I feel I should have managed more, esp on the terrain front as I completed my game room so I could host more, and have only been able to host a handful of games due to my lack of terrain progress. This is vexing. Esp when I look at how much sanity I still had to spend, I feel I could have pushed more.
My guard getting organised was a nice and big thing for me as these have been my favourite army since I was about 12, so having them finally coming together properly is really nice.

Next year... all the stuff I failed this year, plus some more random stuff in silly quantities.