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Just like @Ben_S, I couldn't find any 2022 resolutions thread. But luckily we can catch up last year and make resolutions for the next in one fell swoop! I'll give it a crack.

My hobby suffered terribly because of my new job. But on the other hand, it's the best job I have ever had, and my contract was renewed for all of 2023 as well! I did manage to paint one or two models almost every month (I think...), but rarely enough to enter FYSC. On the other hand, I think my only hobby purchase this year was a bottle of plastic cement, so a net win on finishing my stuff! I did get gifted some cool models, though. I have plans for most of those, but that is for the resolutions part. :giggle:

So plans for 2023. As mentioned, I got gifted some minis I'd like to paint. Namely a Van Saar Heavy with Plasma Cannon, to be painted as is, and a mini I plan to convert into another heavy with Plasma Cannon for my samurai Escher gang.
Other than that, this year will mostly be centered around finishing ongoing projects. I have a Van Saar gang to finish painting (first gang I ever bought😳), and a Hive Guys project that's been wip for quite some time now...
I also have plans for work, but that is not very tribe relevant.:giggle:

Happy New Year, let's hear about your hobby year!
I don't quite know where 2022 went. While life has been largely back to normal, it still seems part of the 2020-22 haze in hindsight...

I have two main goals for the new year (in no particular order):

(1) is to organise and, if necessary, rationalise my hobby stuff more.

This is really part of a general goal to tidy/de-clutter things at home, not all of it is hobby stuff but that's a significant part of it. While I do have a spare bedroom upstairs which is officially the games room/man cave, used for storage, my main hobbying area is actually the front room - allowing me to assemble and paint models in front of the tv. But this has got out of hand and does need to be tidied up.

(2) get more gaming in.

I haven't been back to my local(ish) club since before the pandemic. To be honest, that one time in February 2020 was the first and only in about 5 years (since moving to a new house further away), but I intend to make more effort this year. My work schedule should be a bit more accommodating, at least for the spring.

My gf and I had our regular NYE game last night. I decided quite late in the day to try Mordheim, having recently seen some stuff about it on youtube and facebook. We went for a simplified version (six or seven models each, all base human henchmen apart from one leader) with a few rules mistakes thrown in due to rustiness too. My gf won and did seem like she'd be up for more games of this in future, so that's another possibility.

If I can succeed at (#1), then I might even be able to have other people over for a game from time to time too.

Edit: Oh, and this isn't exactly a resolution #3, but my plan for the coming year was also to focus a bit more on terrain rather than models. I bought myself some MDF Frostgrave terrain shortly before Christmas. I haven't started on them yet, mainly because the weather has been very wet, but more terrain should improve games at home, even if it poses a challenge to resolution #1.
2022 is over and - at least for me - good riddance. It was a very rough year for my wife and I. Early in the year my mother-in-law suffered a rapid decline into dementia, finally passing away on Labor Day. We were finally settling things from her estate when my mother passed away on Thanksgiving. Add to that several issues at my workplace which were quickly turning what was once a great job into a toxic environment.

The only positive things that happened is that my wife and I both retired. She pretty much had to because of the amount of time and effort she had to put into managing her mother's affairs. I did so because of what was happening at my job, along with getting some inside information on how much things were going to change in the next three years due to a new contract being negotiated. With what we received from both our mother's estates we're now in a very good place financially.

As for 2023 and my hobby goals, I probably won't be able to do as much as I'd like. We're planning on a cross country move at the end of the year, so we'll be cleaning, sorting and downsizing. That definitely includes my games.

My main goal is to minimize my games down to a few of my very favorites. I've already made a list and am slowly getting rid of the deadwood. I've also been really good over the last few months about only purchasing items for the games I'm keeping. My secondary goal is to finish as many projects I can for those games. Having so many games, I went from one to another and never finished anything. This year I'm going to rectify that.

My main painting project this year will be models for Aeronautica Imperials. I have a huge "pile of shame" for the game (at least one box/blister of EVERYTHING). I didn't meet my goal for last year, which was to complete all three starter boxes. I still have to finish the Eldar, which I'm going to work on today.

As for actually playing, I have a group of friends that pretty much get together weekly to play something (currently Star Wars: Armada, X-Wing, or Heroquest).

I'm hoping that 2023 will be more productive gaming-wise, and overall a better year for not only myself, but for all the Yaks too.

Happy New Year everyone.
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Hmmmm the Troll needed to regenerate after the usual push to Tribemeet, but he grows restless! Ideas swirl in the orange mists, in no particular order….

Caulk gaming mat
Train Station
Train Track
Water tower
Grox Field / corral
Mine Entrance
Ash Wastes Nomad Gang - all original ££££
Ash Waste riders
Trollholme towers x 3
THUNDERCUBE upgrades / lower levels / alternate death pits.

But wait is this a further clue to the 2023 theme?! We really must do something about these leaks! Shoot them!
This will do with the addition of adding a contents page to the Troll Song plog 🤣 that place is madness!
1).Try not to buy anymore miniatures.

With a couple of 40k armies and at least 1 complete force each for Necro, GoMo, Mordheim and BfG to build and paint. The shame cannot continue to pile. Apart from the 2 Ebay purchases i made a few hours ago obviously. I mean I purchased those whole hours before I made this decision.

2). Paint ships for BfG, to take to tribemeet.

3). Get a head start for yak Santa long before sign up.
As some may know 2022, for me, has been, er, lets say difficult (to put it politely and mildly)...

And, for me 2023 might be a bit tight financially, along with some of the same problems from 2022 still ongoing.

I'd like to get more gaming in, but I have no club accessible nearby, and getting to my usual gaming buddy's apartment is proving difficult at the moment, for reasons, so I'm somewhat stuck at home.

I prepared a little, for a possible financial squeeze and uncertainty, in advance at the tail end of last year...

I have a Mordheim Cult of the Possessed warband to kitbash/build/paint.
15 Oathmark Skeletons to go with the 9 I've already done.
An Imperial Guard vehicle kitbash that is WIP.
Lots of green stuff textured bases to make (oh joy).
A figure on the way for Warhammer Quest '95.
I'm also going to build myself a couple of "stone" bridges for Mordheim, and am waiting on materials to arrive for that...
And I have a couple of character figures for my Steel Legion/Inquisitorial/Grey Knights mash up 40k army.

There's also my pile of shame...

Should see me a while, hopefully.

I'd like to buy GW's new Kasrkin models, but they haven't released them outside of the big KT box set, yet!

I was planning on buying a Baneblade tank, but it would appear it may have been squatted (along with a lot of other Astra Militarum stuff due to GW's upcoming (when?) refresh of that range)?!

I'd like to buy the remainder of my small 1500pt WFB Empire army - 20 handgunners, 10 spearmen, and 10 greatswords, but I am not confident that will happen.

And, Man O'War (two 1000pt starter fleets) and a Palanite Enforcers squad (plus parts so I can use them in LRB Oldcromunda) are the only other hobby things currently on my "list".

We'll see how buying any of that goes, my "list" isn't very big, but I will probably end up having to prioritising certain things over others (more than usual)...
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For me.

Get games in.
Also considering starting a YT channel.
Not for the money or shilling for product but more for growing community of content creators.
Its another platform to share the hobby and motivate each other.

Still in the should I stage....
Would focus on Spacehulk and MESBG terrain and such.
Maybe back to Necromunda N24 release
Plenty of potential hobby projects to choose from but I'll try to stick to these:
  • Finish painting a second gang to play practice games of Necromunda and solo games of Pulp Alley.
  • Finish painting enough terrain to play those games.
  • Focus hobby purchases on any terrain and other items like a game mat to play.
  • Work on storage solutions for finished models and terrain.
I’d like to empty my bits boxes of WIP terrain. Don’t know how I’d store it all, but I don’t want to add anymore projects. And limit new purchases to stuff like glue, paint, and maybe raw materials like plastistrict.

As far as minis, I want to Finish what I have before starting anything new.
2022 was interesting, in that I tried everything in my power to keep myself from the hobby table. First with the dog, and when I got that balanced out, I went and got a new job, which put me in the odd situation that I have more money and free time, but am so tired in that free time I never get around to painting.

So, small goals for 2023, I want to keep working on the gang expansions I started, finish the terrain projects standing about half-built, and maybe, maaaaybe finally get around to playing a game of Necromunda again, in whatever fashion.

For non-GW, I want to finish the Star Wars Legion force I was gifted for my birthday and then padded out over Christmas. With the added incentive of my FLGS having a SWL tournament in April, I may yet be able to do that.

Also, I want to get rid of some of the "will never paint" pile. Again. Wasn't very successful last year because I really don't dealing with online market places and the people on them, but at least I am taking the first step today by gifting my box of random 40K Ork units going back to the Assault on Black Reach core set to a friend who actively plays them.
Bit late to this party, but I have 2 hobby goals this year:

paint more models than I buy
Paint at least 150 models

My current tally is that I have bought....nothing yet, although eyeing up 2 bloodbowl teams, and I have painted half a carnival of chaos plague cart for mordheim. I do have planned an aim to get a pro elf team painted this weekend though, which will put me back on track if I can pull that off!
Yeah, I'll keep my reference as circa 28mm models, otherwise it would be cheating to count the 1200 strong American civil war army I've got to paint
Yawn, I’ll start about Marchish and knock that all out for Tribemeet - factory is regenerating at the mo, mainly because I’m building it in Factorio……now that’s a game that should be made illegal, if you know you know.