N18 Newbie Cawdor

A second Firebrand or a Decon would be a good shout.
Bonepickers, or Cawdor ablative armour as I call them, are the lowest form of gangster life out there. They will achieve little. Your champions and leader do the heavy lifting so you both need more and your opponents will target them as a priority.
Oh yes as I said it's a expensive way to go, although cheaper than a properly equipped heavy weapon, it gives you a extra attack with your nasty chain glaive or great sword. It's not much but has a few advantages.
Take the heavy weapon, you can bomb enemies with it from round one onward, instead of having 160 creds worth of gear skulk around for the first half of the game.

Also it creates a seriously nasty melee fighter for when you really need to put that Brute, Death Maiden, Stimmer or Naght ghul down. Yes they may be useless in a firefight but it is a very nasty counter charger for when you really need it.
All the above mentioned special champions have a head start when it comes to close combat. If in addition to this, they have been loaded with gear and house specials to bring the price tag at the same level as the two-stick-cawdor, I wouldn't recommend going within 2" of them, they would be a way more efficient on melee then the guy with the poles. Fill the front lines with blazing templates instead, this is what cawdors are good at, and have a head start when it comes to other gangs.

Technical rules and proper tactics aside. This is my main reason for this argument. A duel wielding chain glaive fanatic charging manically into the foe is bonkers, insane and just so Cawdor. The only thing they need to top it off is a hat that's on fire 🔥 🤪
The top hat on fire guy is a redemptionist and they don't get chain glaves, but eviscerators. But yes, it would be iconic so redemptionist of them to charge manically in close combat with a two handed chainsaw-flamer (and die horribly as they are not that special in close combat, and eviscerators aren't that special close combat weapons either).
@Sump Thing Ah but I can cut off the flaming hat and add it to the Firebrand.

My main point is the bonkers angle.

Technically it works as a counter charger. Just throw a bone picker at that that Stimmer to slow them down then chain glaive him to death.
(I may treat my bonepickers harshly...) 🤪
My main point is the bonkers angle.
You should make it more clearer right at the first post then "This idea is bonkers, straight from the personal feel good kit, don't try it at home." Otherwise beginners might try it, get frustrated when friends Ambot fills the same role and it's cheaper and more effective and way cooler looking, and never ask anything from yaktribe again.