N18 Newbie looking for advice on a Genestealer Cult list


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Feb 9, 2022
Hey all, this year I've been getting into Necromunda and my local store is starting up a campaign at the end of the month. I'm looking for some feedback on this starter gang list, and any equipment suggestions, list changes, or general advice for the campaign.

The campaign is based on The Succession narrative campaign, with a few changes:
  1. Gangs have 2,000 credits available for their initial gang.
  2. Start with an additional 400 credits that can be spend on crew, vehicles or fighters w/ mount wargear.
  3. Gangs can include a single hanger-on or brute in their creation.
  4. Any unspent credits from creation are lost after the gang is founded.
  5. Gangs start with reputation 5.
So with these additions, I wanted to maximise the amount of toys I get to play with (with sufficient boys to stay viable). Here was my thought process:

  1. That extra 400 credits is too valuable to waste, so I definitely wanted to throw in some vehicles. I was thinking a rockgrinder? Or maybe some Jackal Bikes?
  2. Good ol' Kelermorph gunslinger alpha, upgrade him with plasma/combi pistols later
  3. Let the Hive Burn - I'm running rusted claw GSC, and my flavour is these guys are garbage disposalists (think The Cleaners from The Division). So flamers, incendiaries and anything with blaze is the name of the game. Hazard suits with immunity to blaze means I can be a little careless with blaze (but not too careless - only blaze immunity, not damage from the weapon profiles themselves)
  4. For my hanger-on: an Ambot. Because I could use some melee firepower, and also, an Ambot-mining pattern exosuit sounds awesome.
This was what I've come up with:

The Cleaners

Let me know what you think and any changes you'd make to the list, as well as some optimal weapon options to keep in mind for future upgrades.
As an extra note: my arbiter is very open to house rules. He has already allowed for GSC champs to be bumped up to 2W to be more in line with house gangs :)
At that points level, I'd want a pair of kitted out Aberrants. They're definitely worth the points. With those and the Ambot, you'll have a significant melee threat.

I like bikes for speed, so maybe have a pair of those, but you should definitely have a big vehicle modeled as a garbage truck... that conversion is too cool to pass up.
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