N18 Newbie, please rate my gang (Goliaths)


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Jul 10, 2019
Hello everyone!

I am a complete newbie and I am going to be in a campaign this fall. I have created a Goliath gang to play, but I have heard they are rather hard to play. I would really appreciate if experienced players could take a look at my gang and give some feedback on skills/gear and tactics. Thank you in advance


Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
As already mentioned, you need some more blong range firepower (I would switch that shotgun champ for a bolter), that plus the grenade launcher should give you plenty.
You probably also want some more smoke.

Especially for a starter gang, I would trim off a few things you won't get a massive amount of use from immediately. The leader's stimms and perhaps axe spring to mind.


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Jan 7, 2018
Bellingham, Washington USA
I've played goliaths in multiple skirmish games and a campaign. The juve is a liability save the creds for another champ or as needs arise ganger.

Goliaths can and will win games bottled. Be very aware of the rewards for winning and make sure to be rolling those lasting injuries as they happen so you can best decide to push on or get outta there.

Using the above tactics means that while nerves of steel is good using a leadership skill on the leader is advantageous. I've found that inspirational is amazing, it allows the leader to use his LD stat to help others pass cool checks! It applies to him as well, he is a fighter in range. As he is shooting and important you won't charge as often with him but keeping him close to the rest of your gang with inspirational makes you neigh un bottle-able. This amount of control of your fighters is amazing for the long game and plays to the meat head style.