N18 Newbie's Delaque gang with an attempt at a combat psyker


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Mar 29, 2022
I'm looking to get some feedback on my first stab at a Delaque list, which had two objectives: 1) fun stuff to goof around with, but 2) not be too weak/situational.

The Five Eyes

I'm taking two powerful infiltrators to act together to futz with the opponent; a nacht-gul and a combat psyker build (legal?). I have a specialist with a long rifle to pin down from long range, a couple of stiletto/autopistol chaps (if I learned anything it's that dual-pistol gangers look cool but are, in fact, not cool) to run back-up to the infiltrators with my leader, and a bunch of lasgun/shotgun chaff to wander around and maybe shoot something (ok ok maybe advance as a base of fire to hem opposition in so infiltrators can grind up a flank).

I don't love the build on my leader most of all- feels like a shock-stave is fine but nothing special and hoo-eee I can't pick a skill for him worth a cred.

Feedback appreciated.
Your Gang Fighters look good.
Nacht ghuls work best in pairs. A infiltrating phantom has to be deployed at the start of the game while nacht ghuls can be deployed after the first turn after your opponent has moved thier gang so you catch them even more off guard than a normal infiltrator.
Nacht ghuls also retain Group activation and one can activate the other so they can pop up and both can charge into combat mincing the opponents fire base with little chance of retaliation. Hint get them movement upgrades.
Phantoms and Masters of Shadows are heavy hitters as well but while they can get freaky mind powers they have access to Web Plasma and plenty of hurty weapons. A solid plasma gun will just run better. Psychic powers give you a nice trick now and then but it is more effective to just shoot and stab the foe with your heavy hitters.
If you go down the powers route I would use them as a nice but situational bonus or go whole hog with a Psy-geist (willpower upgrades are cheap) or a extra terrifying piscean brute. In both options do not neglect your ordinary fighters. They will do a lot or most of the work anyway.
I like it, I think infiltrate + psygheist works as a decent one-two punch. You have to be careful how you deploy the infiltrator so he doesn't get wiped out before the Nacht-ghul arrives but careful deployment means your opponent has to respond to the infiltrator turn 1, whilst still having to worry about that Nacht-ghul appearing and eating any exposed or out of position models.

A web pistol on your infiltrators gives him an effective 13" threat range, so you can deploy them some distance away and still ruin your opponents plans.

In terms of your leader, the shock stave is pretty meh but it fits if you've modelled your leader with the mighty pimp cane that comes on the sprue. In terms of other melee weapons the web gauntlet can be surprisingly nasty. You have to contend with your leaders S3 when wounding but it ignores armour and wounds, which makes it a lot scarier than it might otherwise seem. Aside from that the Stiletto knife is decent, though you have a lot already.

Alternatively, drop the melee weapon for now and pick.something else up on the marketplace (powersword concealed in the cane?), or find some other savings elsewhere and splurge on a plasmagun for the leader
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