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Necromunda Ninety Fivers Campaign Variant 1.1

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Mar 29, 2016
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Aulenback submitted a new resource:

Ninety Fivers Campaign Variant - N23 rules for an N95 style campaign

A small Campaign Variant, parallel to those found in the 2023 Core Rule Book, aiming to evoke directly the need to have healthy Gangers to work Territories, and the scrabble for Profits out of a gang's Income. This is different from the "Classic Campaign" variant which simply removes Brutes, and restricts gangs to their Gang's starting equipment list (which is already true in Dominion campaigns).

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Considering adding in that the gang can purchase a number of Rare (X) or Illegal (X) items up to the bonus gained to the Rare Trade roll, additionally. That would restrict a gang to typically between 1 and 4 Rare Trade items per game (similar to the D3 plus bonuses in N95).

And considering noting a standard inclusion of the following optional rules: Unreliable Weapons, Hail of Bullets, Wild Grenades and Shells, and Exploding Weapons
(from the N23 Core Rule Book), again due to similarity to the original. But those ARE already in the book as optional rules.

EDIT: added the limit to number of rare items. Did not add the other rules as standard, as they are accessible enough anyway.
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