N18 Noob Goliath Starting gang


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Mar 6, 2022

I am about to play for the first time this game.
Our arbiter wants to do a domination campaign. I never played this game before so a bit lost.
I initially wanted to play the Palantine Enforcers but I saw how many problems there were with ruling and since most of us haven't played before I ended up making a goliath Gang (A bit inspired by Predator).

How does this look? https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/cards/260777?i=0&r=0
I'll be honest I don't really know what I am doing haha
Also we are going to be allowed up to 12 tactics cards if people have recommendations :)



Mar 7, 2021
Hey, I am not a veteran myself, but some points I have noted so far:

a.) Combat Shotguns are awesome - for gangers. I'd rather give a weapon with a bit more range to your Leader with his decent BS. A Bolter is always nice - or maybe a Plasma/Stubgun if you want to get in close. My Tyrant has a Poweraxe/Plasmastub-Combo.
b.) I don't like Mauls. D2 is nice, but they don't have anything else going for them and even increase (!) the armor save of your target. If you want to keep things cheap, knife or axe. Chainaxe or Power weapons if you want to have a bit more punch. The Renderizer looks cool, I'll build a model with it in the future to try it out.
c.) Normal shotguns are ok. I like Combat Shotguns better for their damage output, but shotguns have better range and are cheaper, so there's that.
d.) Skills: Nerves of Steel is always good. Overseer is great too, but in my opinion not on a Tyrant. He's too expensive (300 creds!) to be used to just give his actions to another fighter. I'd give him Nerves of Steel or True Grit/Unstoppable for more Tankiness.
g.) Genesmithing: I don't know if you have houseruled this - we play it so you can't take the same gene smithing combination more than once - but Dermal Hardening is really really good on your normal gangers. If you play a lot against Delaque/Escher, Hardened Immune System will also work wonders for just 5 creds. Iron Flesh and The Tyrant's own is great, I also like Redundant Organs for your Leader to actually live through the campaign.


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Mar 6, 2022
Thank you for your feedback!
a). Updated my Tyrant weapon as suggested, I don't really know much which ones are good and not :) I didn't want to do blaster because I want him to be a in-yo-face type of guy.
b) I see, changed them to axes, matches the chainaxe of leader too :D
c) Main reason I did not use combat for the 2 guys left is cuz of credit limit :)
d) I changed the skill of the tyrant to Nerves of Steel, but am also thinking about Iron Will maybe?
e) Good Point, added Dermal Hardening to my champs, got the spare points since tyrant now uses plasmastub.

Updated list.


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Jan 21, 2022
Hey! It looks quite alright a beginner style campaign/list the only thing I would really suggest to change is the CC Weapon on the Stimmer. Paired Weapons are probably the go to in this situation because they double the Attack Characteristic. Paired Spud-Jackers are credit and damage wise the best and most fun option to use in my opinion. :)

Renderizer are nice but missing out on the doubled attacks really cuts the potential of the stimmer to take out multiple targets if he wants.