Question Noob Q - Adding crews/upgrades to vehicles on Yaktribe


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Sep 11, 2021
Hi Gangers. I'm a new scummer to Necromunda and Yaktribe. I've stumbled my way through creating a gang, giving fighters weapons and a loadout but I cannot get my head around vehicles. I have added them to my gang but have no idea how to upgrade them, assign crew etc. Can someone a scummer out?

I give advanced thanks in the name of the Four Armed Emperor
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You have to create a custom ganger with the Crew type.

See custom elements...
You actually assign vehicles to Crew in Yaktribe, so once you purchase a Crew member (if they ahven't got your gangs crew type available yet, you will need to make them in the custom section) you can go into their entryr/card and there is a button to assign/select vehicle. If you have purchased a vehcile it will allow you to select one, otherwise you need to go back and purchase a vehicle.

Once the vehicle is assigned to the crew you can add weapons and equipment to the vehicle through the fighter entry/card.