N18 Noobish question about tactics deck


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Apr 22, 2022
Hi all.
Many of the scenarios say you roll or draw from a tactics deck.
My question, do I:
A. Use all tactics cards from a specific factions cards to randomize feom


B. Create a “deck” from all the tactics cards I’d want to use from that gang, meaning I can include some and leave others out.

Also, any idea of where I can find these rules?

I play Orlocks and have 3 decks for them (gang tactics, gang, and vehicle)


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Feb 4, 2014
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Don't know if there is an "official way" to build a Tactics Cards deck. Because there are over 300+ TC's, don't think it practical to include them all. Do know it is not required to include all gang specific cards for a particular gang. Do know you aren't supposed to include TC's specific to OTHER gangs (i.e., Escher's can't use Goliath Tactics Cards).

Also, scenario instructions often (but not always) say to discard a card and redraw if a drawn card does not fit the scenario (i.e., a Zone Mortalis specific card when playing a Sector Mechanicus setting). So, If you included vehicle cards in a scenario without vehicles (for instance you use one deck for campaign scenarios that vary from Underhive to Ash Waste), you would discard and redraw. IMHO.

What do we do? Build a deck of 12 cards (recently, we cut that down from 20). With the gang specific restrictions. So, a random card has a 1/12 chance of being drawn. Why only 12? Unless the player has access to a big bunch of cards, it's hard to build a deck of choice cards (YMMV depending on the gang; for instance, most Ogryn gang TC's are desirable). Why so hard? About 290+ Tactics cards are so-so (or just outright blow). You only get two in most scenarios. Adding in situational stinkers kinda takes the fun out of the whole exercise. Again, this ain't canon, and others may violently disagree.

Another wrinkle we just added (after 5 years) is to randomly draw ALL cards. This puts a crimp in the evil plans that rely on a specific card or two. I hate everything and everyone, so the jury is still out on that one. But, we do try to make Tactics Cards fun, not broken; nor pointless.
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Dec 29, 2017
I know there is an official way becaues I used it and it was pretty bad. The answer is A: Use all tactics you have access to (no pick and choose). Since all cards are freely available (https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/tactics-deck-of-doom.1131/), that means you may have a deck of 159-203 (universal + gang specific) depending on gang.

The new format of tactics tables of 18 seems to imply you can skip this rule and instead roll random for those 18. Note that far from all gangs have this table of 18 tactics.

To give a more productive answer, it's all just guidelines. Agree with your group what you prefer and play like that. Personally I'm a huge fan of big decks and always drawing random to dilute the worst offenders (too strong or too weak), however most people seem to use different systems of choosing cards for a limited deck.
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Apr 19, 2022
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Feb 4, 2014
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NOTHING is as bad as campaign challenge rules. Those rules require players be both great chums AND indifferent strangers.

NO Tactics Cards is always an option. When teaching/playing new players, I offer that as an option to simplify the game. They always turn it down. It's du rigueur that Modern Gaming includes cards. And, Tactics Cards are fun (or soul-crushing).
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