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Necromunda Noobzillas Terrain Plog

Discussion in 'Miniatures & Terrain' started by Noobzilla, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    Ok Ive had this thread moved to terrain and miniatures as I'll start a seperate campaign thread once games are running. My table is inspired by living next to the seven bridges of the tyne, and images like this - I wanted to have actual 'bridges' rather than just walkways to give a sense of scale and construction to the table.

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  2. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    [I need to make these images smaller]
    Me table - games room is still being built. Needs the drybrush neatening up - Necromunda stuff is all on the shelf here
    Sprayed base colours - I probably have three times as much stuff as this in total as I managed to get it all during the makers eBay sale - was around half price:
    Adding a bit of detail:
    WP_20141217_0011_zps5042c320.gif WP_20141217_0021_zpsc17a1bbf.gif

    Next thing is to break out the airbrush and add plenty rust (I'd have airbrushed the hazard stripes but it was too late to run the compressor), plus look at saving all the xmas pringles tubs and boxes for making some line or site blocking terrain. I got a hot wire cutter on the way so I can make some slag/ash/junk piles too with scavanged foam. Plan to make a few barricades using the hirst arts pipe moulds, then mould and cast them in turn.
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  3. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

    Where is the Hallowed Turf aka St James Park? :)
  4. simon

    simon Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Looking good. Watch out for the Goliaths down the Bigg Market.
  5. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    If I can make or lay my paws on a good 'sludge' canal, I'll be building some homages to the seven different bridges - I have access to a laser cutter so its just a question of finding some software I can do it on! Im only really confident with the 'click and drag' style of things like Sketchup :(

    [Update] - forget lasercutting! - I managed to pick up a 'Tyne bridge' proxy for cheap, along with a load of other Tomy bridge bits...
    [Edit] My final fleabay haul, these go for so so cheap. As you can see Im trying using a wire brush to take the shine off the surface, this works really well for getting spray to stick, once I get some properly formulated plastic primer the combination of the two should be all I need - I used plastic primer to spray a garden chair once and iirc its the same kind of plastic. Amazingly they are all exactly the right height to go with the lasercut WGT scenery! I'll be making >4" wooden walkways for all of them, it'll make them sturdy and wide enough to be playable (ie you wont be getting your hand jammed in them!)

    The WGT octogon floor pieces are also exactly the right size to go with pringles cans - something I'd suspected from looking at them but just proved now. The smaller 6 sided floors fit perfectly around GW spray cans, but I'm going to look for something cardboard that fits.
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  6. cardyfreak

    cardyfreak Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
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    The edit button should be at the bottom right of your posts. It might be disguised as a spanner, but I'm not sure what it looks like exactly as I'm a mod. But that's where my edit button is. Either that or get tapatalk and post from there.
  7. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

    Edit button is here... Untitled.jpg
  8. AndyT81

    AndyT81 Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    Subbed! Cool thread :) where'd you get the tomy stuff? Flea bay?
  9. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    eBay - Im going to try roughing them up various ways - anything that saves me using sandpaper. I'll update this post with details when I find a workable solution. Im also going to add rivets to the edges of my platforms to make em look nicer before I 'rust' them all.

    [Update] Roughing them up with a wire brush worked perfectly, a can of plastic primer from B&Q undercoated them well, although an experiment with cheap acrylic showed I should have airbrushed/sprayed the colour coat onto that base rather than painted it. Heres where Im at now - theyve been given balsa or mdf decks, just whatever I had to hand. One more to give a 'deck' and Im onto finalising the colours then adding rust/wear and tear. Once all the bridges are painted I have my 'river/canal' to finish painting and pour some green water-effect resin into it.

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  10. chitching

    chitching Gang Hero
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  11. Doghead13

    Doghead13 Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Amused to notice that if you paint the cantilever bridges in the upper of the two most recent piccies rust-brown or any other sort of reddish colour it's going to be a dead ringer for the railway bridge over the Forth of Firth at Edinburgh.
  12. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    I decided I wasnt happy with the paintscheme, Ive effectively re-did them all, still in red and grey, but in a more matte finish and without using any metallics. Also used washi tape for edging.
    temporary_zps954e1a0f.gif th_temporary_zps3576e234.gif

    I figured the bridges footprint would make it difficult to move models underneath them, so I added height to them by giving them bases, the 'cantilever' bridges are 2nd level, while the arch bridges are going to be third level. I had a lot of spare bits from the wargamestournaments lasercut set so Ive used those for detailing.
    temporary_zps1b5fe128.gif temporary_zpsdd4eaf4b.gif
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  13. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    Cool. You'll need scatter terrian for the bridge but I reckon you already know that barrels and such like.

    Carry on.

  14. King Redwart

    King Redwart The Unpainter
    Yak Comp 3rd Place Yak Supporter

    Dude the bridges are awesome. Something I really want to do when I'm able to have my own board. Much more interesting than use having walk ways.
  15. Noobzilla

    Noobzilla Ganger

    Scatter terrain to finish painting - shame these barricades are OOP, lucky I managed to find some around the same time I was resin casting all these pipes...
    temporary_zps4950b48d.gif temporary_zpsa5827b0f.gif

    I decided to take some pics of my table as it stands - I have two more big bridges to finish, then 'rusting' the walkways to do. Im also not happy with the canal, I feel it needs some docks/piers/sewage outlets along the edges, maybe even a scrap-tech trader barge. Also the water effect resin turned out very 'flat' - Ive heard it needs multiple layers with streaks painted into each one for a proper liquid look?

    A few 'models eye view' shows - I love how the structural detail of the bridges adds a real sense of scale and vastness to terrain, as opposed to just the generic 'flat' walkways (which I'll be using plenty of at lower levels)


    In other good news - new legs for my table arrived today! (it took me ages to find them at a cheap enough price) - the play surface is at elbow height now rather than waist height ('breakfast bar' legs as opposed to 'dining table' legs), which makes a real difference to being able to play on it comfortably!
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  16. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Lovely! *envy*

    Are you going to model a guy sitting on the edge of the canal holding a fishing rod with a bucket of tentacles next to him? :-D
  17. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    Love the bridges going to shamelessly copy them!

    I've got some of those barricades too just never got round to painting them.


  18. Alobar

    Alobar Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Yeah I dig those bridges. If I was to search for the parts on eBay what should I write??? Cough cough hint hint
  19. radulykan

    radulykan Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Tomy bridge showed me a few of the above, too skint right now though :(
  20. Doghead13

    Doghead13 Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    That's beautiful. Very inspiring stuff and agreed about how much better it looks than generic walkways!

    If you're going to make some rivercraft, you might want to make approach ramps for the low bridge, to raise it enough for boats to get under it.

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