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Jun 9, 2022
Played an ash wastes game for the first time today and i came away with some questions
- In rolling road is the road always just a straight road from trailing to leading edge?
- When fighters are thrown from or fall from a vehicle it says they take falling damage if they fail initiative but most vehicles aren't going to be a 3" or higher fall so would it default to the 3" damage or just take nothing?
-If a fighter in a transport bed had the blaze condition would they leap from the bed or be kept inside, or would it depend on how the model depicts the transport?
-Cargo 8 seems way too tanky, am I right in thinking vehicles take 1 HP damage max per hit and higher damage weapons just increase your chances of getting a penetrating or catastrophic hit?

Those are all the questions I can think of for now, thank you for time and I'm sorry if these have been asked before
1) Yes to rolling road, one direction.
2) Guess there is no damage if the fall is less than 3?
3) Unless specifically prevented from moving, a blazing fighter runs no matter what. It's why we play the game!
4) Never seen a Cargo vehicle damaged or impeded. The most cost effective vehicle is a transport with heavy armor. Rules to sell models.

We fell out of love with Ash Wastes. Instead of Mad Max it was mad rules. Instead of Fast and Furious, it was Slow and Serious. I've no idea why they gave vehicle rules, and then slathered on a bunch of buzzkill terrain and weather rules. Bikes and bugs are a liability. And, the campaign rules are truly much ado about nothing. YMMV (ha! I slay me!).
1) That depends on what you mean as a road. As per the terrain suggestions on what a actual road is a 6-8" wide road section that "runs from one battlefield edge to another". Nowhere does the rules say it must be straight.
Nor does it say it must go from one edge to the opposite edge either. Just one Edge to another Edge.
(I have actually made 12" long 8" wide road sections out of foam board, lollipop sticks and a whole lot of wall filler/spackle both in straight sections and bends so I can have rolling roads sections.)
The Rolling roads rules actually don't mention roads. Every end phase you move your models and terrain 8" towards the trailing edge, then place new terrain. Roads themselves are a special part of the Battlefield surface.
Of course you could just keep the road going straight to keep it simple but nothing is stopping you from introducing bends and curves in the road to shake things up as your battle could conceivable drift off road to add drama.
As I described above you can make your own road sections. It looks better than just laying out string or similar, it raises the road above the tabletop so looks like a actual feature.

2) Yes if the fall is less than 3" no damage like a normal fall. However after resolving the fall itself your fighter is deemed in contact with the vehicle so will need to pass a further initiative test to avoid being run over by the vehicle. The damage table for vehicles damage and falling has all the same numbers but when being hit by the vehicle it is based on the movement value of the vehicle not how far it has moved. You could end up taking no damage from the fall itself but taking a hefty hit from the vehicle it self. (The direction of travel of the vehicle does not matter just if your fighter is within 1" which any fall would be).

3) that depends on your models actual transport bed. The transport bed option is a open topped option that can only hole the models you physically get on. Should thier be railing or panels that would stop the model in normal Blaze circumstances then they Stop your model as normal. However if they scatter and jump off a open ledge or a railing that would normally give you the risk of falling then off you go.

4)It is pretty tanky. A bit of rules to sell models. You can lose more than one HP per hit.
A high damage weapon allows you to roll more Damage Dice (they should have called it Vehicle Damage Dice to distinguish it from normal Damage but hay ho). You roll all the damage dice and pick the dice result from what you rolled so a plasma gun on overcharge has D3 so you roll three Damage Dice which increases your chance of a penetrating or catastrophic hit. Those bigger results can result in two HP damage. Along with other effects.
In particular most of the effects such hits include a loss of control test. If that test is failed then there is a 1/6 chance that the right will roll (1 roll face in the D6 Control dice). Should the vehicle roll it is among other things Wreaked and reduced to 0HP.

Take the following example. You have a juve with a lasgun. You have two targets to pick from, a 3 wound T5 leader with carapace and a undersuit and a Cargo8-8. You hit.
If you pick the leader you need a 5+ to wound and then they have a armour save.
If you pick the rig it's a 6+ to wound and the same armour save.
Assume either fail the armour save.
The leader suffers a wound, gets up and blasts a bolter at your head.
The rig however has more involved and it could be worse. You roll your Vehicle Damage and Location dice. Your lasgun had a 1/6 of scoring a Catastrophic hit, all of which trigger a Loss of Control test, and Drive and Engine tests trigger one as well. If that test is failed, over half the time some have penalties, then there is a 1/6 chance if triggering a Roll. Which takes out the Rig.

While it involves a lot of luck and stars aligning a single puny lasgun shot can wreak a fully loaded untouched Cargo rig while a single lasgun shot can't take down the boss i mentioned.
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"Road" as in "Rolling Road" means the scenario condition. NOT a terrain road (or not). With the rolling road scenario condition, the entire board "rolls" (or moves) in one direction. Meant to simulate the vehicles travelling in a direction, like a Mad Max chase. Except they decided to move the board continuously, instead of when the lead vehicle hits the leading edge of the rolling board. Which means way before then, stalled vehicles and gangers on foot fall off the trailing edge of the board.
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