Nuttowntau got distracted by....


Gang Champion
Nov 12, 2013
The Hague, Netherlands
It doesn't really take much if I'm completely honest.. but my latest distraction has been the Genesys Project that one of my gaming buddies is really excited about.

For those of you that don't know.. the Genesys project is Gary Krieger's (Faeit212) twisted brainchild that seems to be created to torture people with hobby ADD and bleed their wallets dry. It's a ruleset that lets you play wargames, the twist is that it gives you rules to make your own faction. Such as Orks, or Elves, or Ninja turtles, or monstrous spiders, dinosaurs, Bear-people, Giant garden gnomes.. or whatever else you feel like. Right now the rules only support a fantasy late medieval setting, but there'll be rules for modern and sci-fi settings soon.

My first idea was to build a faction, design models for it in Blender, and print them with my 3d printer. But it turns out Blender is a pain in the rear to learn, and the freedom to do whatever the heck I wanted when building a faction kind of broke my brain... so I started on something more generic:

So there's a bunch of skeletons, and the blue guys are cultists/'religous followers' that will be an entourage for my Necromancer(s). They can help cast powers, and I can blow them up instead of my caster when my caster "crosses the mortal treshold" (miscast/perils of the warp). The Necromancers will be able to raise zombies and do some direct damage in the form of spells.

I'm hoping I'll be able to field them against my buddy's Lizardmen sometime soon.