Oddmobs in Necromunda


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Feb 17, 2011
Just thought I'd reshare these old House Rules from our own club. I thought them better posted under GorkaMorka as they're to be cross-over into Necromunda.


G'Day, as I was saying in an earlier post, my local club uses GorkaMorka/DiggaNob Oddmobs, specifically Rebel Grots and Mutie Raiders, in games of Necromunda, I just thought I'd include the rules we've been using to this forum.

Teef Vs Credits
Oddmobs convert all values in Teef to Credits by multiplying the value in Teef by 10. Consequently Oddmobs start with 1000 credits to spend at mob creation.

Skill Tables
Oddmobs may choose whether they use the GorkaMorka skill tables or Necromunda skill tables the first time a member of the mob gains a skill advance and once chosen they mob cannot change which skill tables it uses. Oddmobs using the GorkaMorka skill tables now additionally gain access to the Combat skill table as a Standard skill table. When using the Necromunda skill tables Oddmobs retain their exclusive skill table (Boardin’/Riding) and the Driving skill table if they include vehicles; and in regards to Standard skill tables Dakka swaps with Shooting, Cunnin’ swaps with Stealth, and Odd swaps with Techno.

Oddmobs which would usually require vehicles to transport their mob may optionally choose to forgo this requirement in campaigns which do not use vehicles rules. This does not prevent the Oddmob from buying and using vehicles at a later time as normal from their Oddmob lists.

Oddmobs are considered Outlaw gangs with the exception that they do not use the 'Foraging', 'So Many Mouths To Feed…' and 'Starving' rules. Oddmobs may use either the Outlaw Scenario Table or the Oddmobs Scenarios Table (typically when vehicles are in common use).

Starting Territory
Oddmobs always have the Wastes as their territory and can never have any other type of territory or additionally territories. If they lose this territory they will automatically acquire a new Wastes territory. Any other territories they acquire they will automatically loot.

Oddmobs collect income as described in their relevant section in the DiggaNob supplement. They can trade using the Outlaw Trade Table (with some modifications) and recruit extra gang members from their relevant Oddmob list after each game. Oddmobs may not purchase Hired Guns or seek out Special Characters (excluding the Red Gobbo for Rebel Grots)

A bounty is paid on all Oddmobs by the Guiders due to their dangerous nature and constant raids.

NecroMorka Rebel Grots Special Rules

Necromunda Weapons
Any Grots who may use Rebel Grot Gunz may additionally use Autoguns, Hand Flamers, Lasguns, Plasma Pistols and Shotguns. Any Grots who may use Grot Weapons may additionally use Autopistols, Laspistols, Stub Guns and Swords. Any Grots who may use Stikkbombz may use all Gas Grenades, Photon Flash Flares, Plasma Grenades and Smoke Bombs; they may additionally have them upgraded to Stikkbombz for 5 Credits per Grenade type.

Fungus Harvesters
When rolling on the Outlaw Trade Table, Rebel Grots are always offered Blade Venom, Icrotic Slime, Spook and Stinger Mould; reroll any results of these on the Outlaw Trade Table.

NecroMorka Mutie Raiders Special Rules

Necromunda Weapons
Mutie Raiders may not use any Necromunda weapons except for Grenades.

Visiting the trading post
Mutie Raiders may obtain Necromunda Grenades and Equipment from the outlaw traders, but use a different method to other outlanders. Any Unks or Snaggas can attempt to intimidate a trader or smuggler to obtain a specific type of Grenades or piece of equipment instead of generating income following a battle, although no two Mutie Raiders may be searching for the same item.
The Unk or Snagga must pass a leadership test and then roll D6, consulting the following table; those who cause Fear may reroll the leadership test, accepting the second result; those who fail the leadership test suffer a -1 modifier on the following table and those who cause Terror gain a +1 modifier on the following table:
Trader Intimidation Effect Table
Roll Result
0-1 The Mutie Raider is ambushed by bounty hunters. The Mutie Raider suffers a serious injury; treat a roll of ‘Captured’ as ‘Dead’ and ‘Bitter Enmity’ as a ‘Full Recovery’.
2-3 No one shows up at the organised meeting point, the Mutie Raider leaves, just to be on the safe side. The item is obviously not offered at this time.
4-6 The contact arrives with the D3 of item in question (2D3 for Common items); pay as indicated below for each, rolling only once to determine the additional fee for all of them.
7 The contact is so fearful that he not only arrives with D3 of the item (3D3 for Common items), but he does not charge any additional fees. Pay using only the base cost for each.

-Choke Gas 15+3D6
-Hallucinogen Gas 40+5D6
-Photon Flash Flares 20+3D6
-Plasma 30+4D6
-Scare Gas 20+3D6
-Smoke Bomb 10+4D6

-Arm 80+4D6
-Eye 50+4D6
-Hand 50+4D6
-Leg 80+4D6

-Bio-Scanner 50+3D6
-Concealed Blade 10+1D6
-Filter Plugs or Respirator 10*
-Medi-pack 80+4D6
-Photo Contacts 15*
-Ratskin Map D3x10
-Screamers (one encounter) 10+3D6
-Skull Chip 30+3D6
-Stinger Mould patch (each) 15+2D6
-Strummers (one encounter) 10+3D6

*Common Item




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Essentially as an expansion to the Ash Wastes end of Necromunda? The cross-compatibility is pretty straight-forward, so it should balance out. Essentially treating the GM mobs as any of the Ash Wastes outlaw gangs should work fairly well, with Muties being the only real complication [no dismounting rules when heading into the Underhive].