N18 Ogryn Gang Starting Roster advice


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Jan 11, 2019
Ok, a couple more games into the campaign I have to admit that my initial strategy and plan was wrong.

While using Blasting/Demo charges seemed like a good idea during pre-campaign skirmish games, it was probably due to me rolling a lot of lucky Skulls on Injury rolls and nothing else. In the long run being able to knock out a model for a round or two is good, but not good enough if you can't then run up to it and CDG it. There is a chance that Incendiary charges might be better, but that's highly unlikely - the math doesn't add up your favour.

So I have to agree with initial statement by @MrAndersson that your best bet is Lobo-Slave Spam. And that is sad :(
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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
You really do need Nerves of Steel or Overseer (or both) to effectively run a close combat gang.

That is doubly true when your fighters are so big that they are unlikely to be able to hide out of sight.

It’s triply true when you are always going to have less fighters on the board and lose the action economy battle.

Lobo-slaves are cheap, tough and have nerves of steel. They are one of the best close combat fighters you can take in the game and are just better than regular slave ogryn.

All that said keep your grenades but just stick them onto your leader and champions.

Also always take the ones that cause blaze over the ones that cause damage. Blaze will level put the action economy for a couple of turns until you can actually remove some more of their fighters off the board.