N18 Ogryn headbutt skill.


Gang Hero
Jun 12, 2022
For my next campaign I am planning a slave ogryn gang. Finally got round to disarming and magnetising the loyal kids, green stuff.
I know it is generally better to have Lobo+slaves for the gangers and I will have them lumbering forth but I fancied having at least one normal ogryn with many grenades to act as a sniper. Yes he has BS5+ but not all ogryn plans are well thought out. It is in theme of hopeful ogryn optimism.

My question regarding his free headbutt skill. The only real use of it is in a multi round fight or when charged before activation right? So fight (basic) or reaction attacks then headbutt (basic)
According to the core rule book of 2023

"If the fighter is standing and engaged they can make the following action"

Headbutt became a free action.