N18 Okay reinforcements idea! Discussion time?


Gang Hero
Jan 7, 2018
Bellingham, Washington USA
So a possible solution to the pain point of reinforcements not improving bottle rolls. What if they got a status that worked kinda like the skill iron will?

Specific wording for those that like that sort of thing: subtract 1 from the result of any bottle rolls whilst this fighter is on the field, visible to at least one friendly without this status and is not seriously injured.

My thinking is this gives the reinforcements an impact on bottle rolls, doesn't muck about with trying to change the starting gang size and makes them a liability if taken out. All while encouraging engagement, maybe.

What do you think yakkers? Viable, questionable, down right bad? I'm thinking of adding it as part of the arbitrator's hand book stuff but wanted a place for discussion first.

Kiro The Avenger

Gang Hero
Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
Seems like too much of a pain. Just having them add to the starting crew is simple and easy to play.
If you play it like that, you can't actually just count the number of not SIed fighters left on left on the board, and that's the number you need to roll.
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Gang Hero
Jan 7, 2018
Bellingham, Washington USA
Seems an overly complicated house rule for what could simply be done by adding their count into the starting crew size for the purpose of bottle rolls.
Fair, I was thinking it would as to the high drama in a way increasing the starting size doesn't. Makes losing the placement to your opponent more painful possibly. I was thinking it would add to the "here comes the calvary" feeling which is really lacking in the current rules.


Cranky Git
Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
To be honest the only real adjustment I would make to reinforcements coming onto the board would be to change the roll to reduce the amount of freedom allowed when placing them. So something like the following:
1= opponent picks
2= South edge
3 = east edge
4 = north edge
5 = west edge
6 = you choose edge

more even
1-2 = you deployment zone
3-4 = no mans land
5-6 = opponents deployment zone

I just find it a bit meh that your fighter either turns up in the exact right or the exact wrong position and would prefer to see a bit more randomness in it.