Necromunda On the Direction of Necromunda

What would like to see from Future-munda releases?

  • An open system much like ORB/NCE where all weapons are centralised and anyone can dip in?

    Votes: 34 70.8%
  • A system that each House has its own weapons supplier only. (no TP weapons only HWL)

    Votes: 14 29.2%
  • A system that you buy a fighter and it comes pre-rolled with weapons and armour + upgrade options.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Apr 10, 2018
South Wales
What I will say - was the original game hampered at all by not having HWL?

I don't think so. It just adds to the bloat and confusing mess, with rules and lists scattered all over the place.

Really now if things are moving on to Ash Wastes, and Underhive being left behind in some sort of stasis, there needs to be some final 'book of' that compiles rules for everything that has been released so far. They could leave out a lot of the background material and art etc. from the 'House of.. ' books, so people who were really into the game and their faction would still buy those. But at least it would give people new to the game or people trying to run tournaments a fighting chance. It would also make any consolidation/fan-edits (on Yaktribe or elsewhere) a lot more straightforward.


Hive Guilder
Oct 31, 2013
@Pacific the ORB 1995 game really feels like it could do with house gangs excising from it. They seem, in hindsight, like just a way of selling models. If you look at it as a basis for taking a baseline human profile and advancing it through gameplay then you could theme your Gang however you wanted.

That’s what we did here late 90s anyway. Grabbed Models we liked and made some fun gangs!

I doubt you’ll see any compilation book for this version. The closest we had was when they rolled the Underhive rules and Gang War into two books. And I think they did that because of all the complaining. Heck they didn’t even bother with GW5. Just a quick crappy booklet in a White Dwarf.

Too many hardbacks now.
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