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    Ahoy, all.

    In another thread on this board, chatting about bringing Necromunda Gangers into Blackstone Fortress as characters, I was reminded that Precipice [from BSF] might make an excellent setting to blend both ORB Necromunda and Shadow War: Armageddon.

    It is not a military combat zone, but there are "gang" territory fights in its layered corridors and gantries. There would be no supply chain support for gangs/warbands/kill teams, as they would be semi-official [or unofficial] teams acting largely off the books. Most of the galaxy's sapient species seem to be represented on the massive station, and have a reason to want access to the Fortress that looms as the horizon. It has much of the Wild West Prospecting Town feel that characterizes Necromunda as a setting, but isn't human-specific.

    It would necessitate re-naming or re-fluffing the various Necomunda House gangs, as those would likely represent gangs "native" to Precipice instead, were they to appear, but pretty near all of the SW:A kill teams would make sense outside Tyranids proper [though GSC gangs would make sense] and Necrons [because trade and control seem anithetical to their methods]. A pretty inclusive, wide-ranging setting.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Inspirations?

    Edit: Apparently, I have been mulling this possibility for a little while:
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    That's GW's introductory video about Precipice.

    Here's a look at 'location,' out in the Segmentum Pacificus.
    And the author interview for the marketing-tied novella:
    Fiction excerpts:
    Ratling fiction:

    A Rogue Trader's view of Precipice:

    A Redemptionist's view of Precipice:
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    What's in the Precipice Box?
  4. Aulenback

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    D’you mean “what would be in the SW:A Gangs of Precipice box if GW made it”? Or do you mean “what is in the BSF box about Precipice”?
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