On the Precipice.


Gang Hero
Yak Comp 3rd Place
Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
I'd suggest no more than a 15% infill, and a 0.15mm layer height. That would cut down print time per piece, I wager. These pieces are BIG, so will already have some heft, especially when assembled, so don't need extra infill to keep them on the table, I expect. The piece as a whole, assembled, looks to be around 2'hx2'x1' on the table, so I can see it taking a while. Would recommend PLA rather than resin, both for durability and for cheapness. But won't be getting to it soon myself. Eventually.
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Space Truckin

Gang Hero
Dec 16, 2015
Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI
Got the arvus parts printed. Experienced some z banding issues on the hull. Expect I'd see the same here. So will probably try to sort that out first. I'm really impressed with the Hauler. Looking forward to printing it.

Tried the open cockpit on the arvus and dont recommend printing that remix.
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