Necromunda One Week after ...

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Mar 6, 2018
Tübingen, Deutschland
One week after Lord Helmawr announced a new Necromunda law ;-)
Captain 'Judex' comes back from a patrol with his enforcers. The duty officer comes storming at him and announces a call from the head office. The captain enters his control room.

Captain: "Yes, this is Captain Judex."

Headquarter: "Aha, Captain, was also time. Please report immediately."

Captain: "Patrol in Sector Caesar-X122 finished without any incidents, it is quiet throughout the sector."

Headquarter: "What means quiet? Everywhere the same, but quiet is not normal for a weekend. There is obviously something in progress."

Captain: "Sir, sir, if I'm allowed to speak. We checked all habs attendance records and nobody was missing."

HQ interrupts: "Repeat this."

Captain: "Sir, we checked the attendance records and I tell you, sir, the people are all at home. As commanded by Lord Helmawr's Law."

The voice from the central office orders an immediate curfew for the crew and orders the captain to expect a recall and further orders.

Some hours later. It has become night. In Hab-Block C17, apartment C17-211, the first Corpse Grinder Cultists gather at the table. Four stories up, it's the same in C17-607. Same in Hab M201 and many others. Throughout the hive, Corpse Grinder cultists gather at tables that are determined to initiate an uprising designed to bring the law to its knees.

But the law does not sleep. Never!
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