N18 Opinions on effective Badzone Captain loadout


Nov 15, 2020
Hey everyone!

I'm torn between a few loadouts for my badzone enforcer Captain. I'm not trying to make my badzone enforcers super min maxed, however I do want to get the best use out of my captain, so your opinions would be highly appreciated.

3 options:
First option is pure tank, there to soak up damage and be an okay melee beatstick
Power Maul, Vigilance Assault Shield. (Probably hardened layered flak too, but all depends on creds.
Skill is threat response. Weighs in at 195 creds, or 245 creds after hardened layered flak.

Second option is hybrid tank/support:
Power Maul and Plasma Pistol
Possible hardened layered flak too, but this guy is meant to tank a bit and be a decent melee attacker while still having a good ranged attack for support (and extra plas attack in melee)
Skill is probably threat response too, but I'm open to other skills like maybe trick shot from shooting. Weighs in At 205 credits or 255 with hardened layered flak.

Third option is a close ranged DPS leader.
Twin Plasma pistols with the Gunfighter skill and Mesh armor. Expensive even if I only go with Mesh, the other builds are a little cheaper if I don't double down on the hardened layered flak.
This leader is cool, just not sure if he's worth the price tag.
Double plas pistol captain weighs in at 225 before armor, 240 with Mesh.

Anyway, would love it if ya'll just threw your opinions my way!

Thank you, and Peace and Love
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I'm of the view that enforcer captain built for melee is a trap, his melee stats aren't good enough for him to reliably deal with other gangs melee beasts, and his movement score means he's not likely to get the charge off against Death Maidens, Nacht Ghuls or chemed up Stimmers.

Threat response is a neat trick, that can make your opponent think twice about charges, but is that worth sinking 25% of your starting credits into? An enforcer captain will only ever be "ok" at melee.

My advice is always to keep him shooty, however as always it will depend a lot on the gangs you fight, terrain you play and habits of the players you go up against a lot.
I feel like people are sleeping on the SLHG Assault Ram. It's a Grenade Launcher + a S+2, D2, Versatile, Knockback, Pulverise melee weapon. I like to put it on a Captain with Threat Response. You get to sling grenades and then ruthlessly pummel anyone who gets too close.
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