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Necromunda Original Rulebook 1995

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Malo submitted a new resource:

Original Rulebook - The first release of Necromunda rules from 1995

The first edition release of Necromunda by Games Workshop in 1995. This is the standard rulebook without the Outlanders additional rules originally written by Rick Priestley, Jervis Johnson, Andy Chambers & Chris Colston.


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Brilliant time-saving effort thanks :) I wanted to give a friend a copy of the rules and this has saved me scanning my original books for him or him paying
out on an auction site for one, just for info though - the last 21 pages of this download appear to be from, or related to the Living Rulebook and not the Original Rulebook.
If memory serves, in the Vault it's all bundled together into a single pdf. Easiest way to check though is just to download it and take a look :).