N18 Orlock gang need help to start the campaign

Discussion in 'Gangs & Loadout' started by Shiveker, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Shiveker

    Shiveker Juve

    Actually this his my gang at the beginning, latre i will had bolter instead of Autogun, and Combat Shotgun for all the others Ganger who will join later, and i will get for my leader powerful close gun (like combi pistol bolter with combi plama pistol)
    Leader : 145

    Champion 1 : 225
    -Heavy Stubber
    Nerves of steel

    Champion 2 : 220
    -Plasma Gun
    -Telescopic sight

    Ganger 1 : 80

    Ganger 2 : 120
    -Grenade Launcher

    Ganger 3 : 70

    Ganger 4 : 70

    Ganger 5 : 70

    It seems to be good, but it remained a problem, what if i need to be closer to the ennemy (lots of goliath and Esher gang im my campaign) to take the objective, and i don't know if there is a Van Saar gang against me, but i am scared of it.

    Ps : sorry for the mistakes, i am french and bad english speaker
  2. chrisib

    chrisib New Member

    My initial concern is the question of who is your leader overseeing? With just the chainsword he's going to be useless in a fire-fight, but the rest of your gang is kitted out for shooting exclusively. For your leader to charge into CC he's either going to be all alone (or worse, quickly outnumbered by the opposing gang), or he's going to drag ill-equipped fighters into combat with him, lowering your gang's overall effectiveness.

    I'd be tempted to swap out the leader's chainsword for a gun of some sort initially. Even something modest, like a shotgun (which you can upgrade with fancy ammo later) feels like it would be a better investment early. With a shotgun you can still kit him out with a pistol and chainsword later without issue.

    Conventional wisdom seems to be that the heavy bolter is a far better option than the heavy stubber, and it only costs 30 more points. If you can shave off 30 points elsewhere it might be a worthwhile investment. Downgrading the plasma gun is one option. Or drop the telescopic sight (saves 25 credits) and then you just need to save another 5 points to afford the heavy bolter.
  3. Shiveker

    Shiveker Juve

    My leader may overseeing the plasma rifle or the heavy stubber, that's why he is only equiped wit a chainsword, just t go CAC if they are to close, and if they are close they may be very low in hp, so he will be enough to fight before getting an other pistol. And I think that the telescopip sight is very effective on plasma rifle (while aiming +2 to hit it at 24", with overseeing he can take position and shoot)

    But yes, i was thinking about removed one of the ganger with autogun to gain 70c, maybe to equiped a little bit more my leader with a pistol, and why not take the Heavy Bolter instead of the Heavy Stubber. But on the other way, 8 ganger is also very effective and to gain XP it's a bit more faster.

    And also why not keeping everybody, but replace overseer with mentor, to focus on gain of xp

    So i really Don't know ;D
  4. Shiveker

    Shiveker Juve

    And just a question of rules, can the overseer allowed to shoot 2 times in a round ?
  5. Mabruk

    Mabruk New Member

    Sure, these are two activations. you can shoot once per activation (without skills).
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  6. Shiveker

    Shiveker Juve

    Hi all,
    Thank you for your replaying, finally ,I change a few things, so here it is :

    Leader : 130
    Stub Gun x2

    Champion : 255
    Heavy bolter
    Nerves of Steel

    Champion :
    Plasma Gun

    Ganger 1 : 120
    Grenade launcher

    Ganger 2 : 80

    Ganger 3 : 80

    Ganger 4 : 80

    Ganger 5 : 80

    So I think that the leader rmay stay with the Champion who have the Heavy Bolter, and overseeing him, covered by the 2 or 1 autogun ganger.
    The second Champion, with the plasma Gun will go further with the grenade launcher to take objective with Shotgun's ganger. I am not sure about the Equipment of the leader, so if you have some advice on him. Or just things that i need to change on it.

    See you in the underworld
  7. dawuduk

    dawuduk Ganger

    Works for me, I like it
  8. Shiveker

    Shiveker Juve

    ^^ perfect dude
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