N18 Orlock v Enforcers


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Jan 11, 2021
Hi, so my friend and I are just getting into Necromunda starting mainly with skirmish games as time allows.

We picked our gangs "blind" so to speak and kept a secret until purchased - Just to add a bit of unknown to the show and to avoid either party going for "hard counters" )if such a thing exists).

Anyway, the two gangs we selected are Orlock (myself) and Enforcers. What I am wondering is are these gangs vastly different in terms of play styles - I get the impression that they both seek to be in the same sort of gun range etc?

Thanks in advance for any input.
They're more similar.

There's some differences - Enforcer Patrolmen are more powerful than Orlock Gangers, but Orlock Leaders/champions I'd say have an edge over the Enforcer equivalents. So the distribution of power is different between the two gangs.

Orlocks also have access to Wreckers which can be extremely quick and are a quite unique type of fighter.
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Orlocks will be slightly more effective at shooting, though the Enforcers will have better armour. Neither gang will be very strong at melee, though the Enforcers have slight advantages there. Both sides will rely on boltguns to do damage. But the enforcers at least will not worry about ammo rolls.
Orlocks are probably much squishier than the cops, the Orlock leaders are amongst the best in the game. those 3 wounds help them last a little longer. Orlocks will have more tricks up their sleeve as they have a wider range of fighter types with a wider range of build options.

It will be a fairly balanced fight compared to most match ups.
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Enforcers are very by the book (as they should be) they'll spam bolters which they can reload easier and have better armour.

Orlocks have access to more options and a much better leader, you'll have to outfit your guys to not get locked down in a straight up trade of bolter fire because the odds favour enforcers in that domain. If you have access to Wreckers I'd recommend taking at least one of them to be a high mobility assassin.
If you're the Orlock player, your primary advantage is going to be in numbers. If you take a Wrecker or two, you'll also have an advantage in mobility.

Neither gang is particularly specialized in shooting or melee; they're both rather bad at both, lol. With their better Boltguns and Subjugators, the Enforcers are just slightly less bad.
I like the matchup. It's balanced. It's thematic. Orlocks aren't always good good guys, they are rather transactional. And, neither gang relies on a gimmick or style. They both shoot or fight OK. Sometimes, natural contrasts like a shooty gang vs a H2H gang basically forces both to fight the same way every game. Or, similar styles make for less than varied matchups. Initially, Enforcers have an edge. After a few games with access to the Trading Post, Orlocks can get the edge. Y'all could do worse.
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