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N17 Orlocks, Gang War 2

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by Marbod, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. Basileus

    Basileus Ganger
    Yak Supporter

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  2. Warhams-77

    Warhams-77 Juve

  3. Halbling

    Halbling Gang Champion

    Awesome, I'm in for the new Orlocks, really great miniatures!
  4. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law Gang Hero

    Interesting designs for the Orlocks. They've got a powerfist! Also tommy guns. I like 'em.

    I'm assuming the 3 unpainted ruffians are the new Scums.
  5. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    I think it's a good point. If you give Escher and Goliath access to the Legacy Weapon List on top of their new House Weapon List, it creates imbalance.
    What I had in mind was more to let players play Legacy Esher and Legacy Goliath (replacing the HWL with the LWL) and/or to let all gangs buy any weapon they wish at the Trading Post (including house-specific weapons, but maybe with a rarity roll for other houses.)

    I love what they did with them. The weapons I spy with my little eyes are lots of autopistol/autogun/stub gun/combat knifes, a sawed-off shotgun, a mining laser and a power fist.
    Looks like resin to me... which means I'll probably convert them out of spare Orlock/Escher.

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  6. capitan

    capitan The Necronomicon
    Yak Comp 3rd Place Yak Supporter

    @cardyfreak - Waylands courier delivers on Saturdays apparently! Just got mine :D
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  7. The video is fun, and shows off some of the gang art:

    Also nice piano at the end after the metal-y sounds.

    Plus Gang War 2's cover is butch :D

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  8. Stoof

    Stoof Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    I like those Orlock models, they look the business this time round! Could I be considering something I've never considered before? Actually getting an Orlock gang?!
  9. Mr_Rose

    Mr_Rose Ganger

    Yeah, I know. Terrible, isn’t it? I can feel a legion of West side story fanatics staring st me, quietly chanting “one of us! One of us!”
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  10. Jfredona

    Jfredona Ganger

    Thanks for agreeing. I sometimes seems that some people on here are inflexible in their opinions. I do have to say though, that allowing other gangs to buy house specific weapons would make the gangs less unique feeling, so I think that the solution is to allow Escher and Goliath gangs to either play as the new gangs (and get their new house weapons) or play as a "legacy gang" and give up the new weapons and only pick from the legacy weapon list
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  11. Arbedark

    Arbedark Juve
    Honored Tribesman

    New Orlocks look like a cross between old Orlocks and old Van Saar to me, and sounds like their fluff - being engineers and miners who solve problems.

    Not to keen on the official paint scheme, but I bet once the community gets hold of them they'll look incredible.

    That power fist is dope!

    I'll definitely be picking up a gang or two.
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  12. Mr.Ellequadro

    Mr.Ellequadro Legion

    Damnnnn i will buy all this plastic crack i knowwww poor wallettt
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  13. Warhams-77

    Warhams-77 Juve

    Nice new models, I really dig the Hive Scum
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  14. It seems that the Orlocks is going to have access to powerfists, that's going to be nasty.
    #15 Ash_Wastes_Traveler, Nov 25, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
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  15. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    They also have a Heavy Stubber, apparently:
  16. About the Hired guns, they look like, middle: Ash Waste Nomade, Right side: Mutant, and on the left side.... ah not sure.
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  17. Defiant

    Defiant Juve

    Nice think : Blood bowl icon for human team looks a lot like Orlock symbol.
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  18. cole frehlen

    cole frehlen Ganger

    Those Orlocks :eek:

    If all the other gangs look as good as them, I'm going to have every gang. I want those Orlocks.
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