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Discussion in 'Rules, Mechanics & Skills' started by lasse nielsen, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. lasse nielsen

    lasse nielsen New Member

    our group has now sunk about 100 hours of game time into this game and these are the house rules we have done so far to attempt to fix the broken system that is necromunda underhive.

    we are making this post so that our experience might help new people enjoy the game even though gamesworkshop clearly gave up on balancing it, we hope that this will go a long way towards helping people enjoy an old classic. on top of that we hope that we can get some feedback and ideas about things we might have done wrong, or could be done better since we are still playing.

    this is also a way for us to get some input from other people to hopefully go even further to make necromunda underhive a better tabletop experience
  2. lasse nielsen

    lasse nielsen New Member

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