N18 Outcast (Cawdor affiliated) starting gang: feedback needed


Aug 18, 2013
We're starting a new campaign soon, and this time I wanted to try the Outcasts. Here is my initial loadout: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/finahls_v4.491486/
The idea is to have a Wyrd leader (chose the profile with WP 4), plus a bunch of psycho-pyromaniacs. Since the Hive scum are cheap, I thought Cawdor would be fitting, and they get access to loads of templates. The problem are the champions: BS 4+means using the catapult is a waste of credits (especially with the -1 to hit on long range), I do not have access to the +D3 gangers rule or an additional specialist. I picked the Wyrd power for one champion to get +1 fighter, though in some scenarios this will be wasted, so I'm not sure it's worth is. I'll be going against Esher and Van Saar in the Outlands campaign, hence the Reflec Shroud armour. Any feedback is much appreciated!