Question Outcast gang. yes, no?


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Apr 29, 2021
now that we got the prospectors and nomads, im curious hows the outcast gang support going, are we getting any, or is it just gonna stay all custom, and not even partial supported?
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The Outcasts have so many possible variations it’s insane. If it’s even possible or sensible with this version of the tools then they’ll be done at some point, but it’s not as ‘simple’ as the other gangs.
I mean, Venators have something like 12 variations between 3 unit cards, Outcasts only have 6 by default, unless you use optional rules to take a unique model as the leader (which should definitely be done through custom) or to be a Guilder gang.
Just having those 6 profiles would be awesome.
I don't think Outcasts are quite as difficult as is commonly assumed, since you can break them up into categories and clan exile houses are essentially identical to clan houses.

The bigger issue is that named characters aren't implemented, so making a dramatis personae your leader doesn't work without making custom characters.