N18 Outcast Psyker that controls "zombiefied mutant folk".

Dec 8, 2018
I hope you are well.

This is not an original idea, I dont want to min/max or meta this.

The concept is an outcast psyker leader who's found a niche in the underhive.
Managing to use their abilities to "persuade" some wretched mutant locals to do their bidding.

Concept -
Leader Psyker.
Every other gang member a "Explosive zombie" AKA bomb delivery rat.

Is there some way to roleplay that out and keep it legit/not cheese or is it just absolute cringe?.
Thinking a leader profile with all round stats, psyker abilities and mastermind background (affiliate with cawdor for rules reasons?).
All other gangers are explosive zombie shamblers.

I just think it could be a funny gang to fight with some randomness-horde madness.
Really small venator gang, use house legacy to give leader and champs Cawdor and splash all your creds on loading up on bomb rats. Points wise you'll probably only have a few human bodies so bottling will be a challenge but loads of bomb rats that you can model as zombies? The champs could be "nodes" for the psyker leader - keep them non armed, but lots of armour to keep them survivable and e.g.spring up to minimise pinning preventing bomb rat fun?
Lucky dice rolls could make the bomb rat spam potentially devastating, but unlucky rolls will be carnage for you - satisfies the "random" element
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Turns out GW made mutant rules for outcast gangs in Apocrypha 10: Devils of Gunk Deep. However this means the leader has to be a mutant, not a psyker.