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Aug 18, 2013
Can't seem to find an answer in either the new rulebook or book of Outcasts: since they are neither law abiding nor outlaw, which rarity/legality level does apply to them when Seeking rare & illegal gear on the Trade post?
Bonus mini-question: choosing affiliation with Cawdor allows you to buy gear off their house list, but there are multiple lists, one for each type of Cawdor/redemptionist. I've decided to pick weapons off the list for a fighter of equal status (hive scum gets to buy gear from a Cawdor or Redemptionist ganger, etc.). I hope this isn't too much of herecy?
Thanks for helping me answer these!
Yesn't. Looks like there are some text about it which doesn't really say much.

Clanless Underhive Outcasts gangs do not suffer any ill effects from being either Law Abiding or Outlaw. In effect, these states have no meaning for them, and
they can freely choose options available to either, such as hiring Outlaw or Law Abiding Hired Guns, while rival gangs gain no extra credits for selling them
to Guilders.

Outlaw and Outcasts gangs are especially appropriate for an Outlander Campaign as they are often pushed to the fringes of society and forced to survive outside the
established structures of hive society. While the inclusion of these kinds of gangs is not essential to play an Outlander Campaign, they are certainly very thematic.

Heir to the Outlands: Lady Credo is a charismatic leader who inspires the downtrodden and disenfranchised of Necromunda. Friendly Underhive Outcasts and Outlaw fighters within 8" of Lady Credo can use her Leadership and Cool characteristics instead of their own.

On Necromunda, the distinction between a criminal, an outlaw, an outcast and an outlander can be a murky one – especially as it is possible for an individual to be all at once. By the definitions of Hive Primus the Imperial House divides them thusly:
  • A criminal is someone who takes part in any of the unsanctioned industries of Necromunda – such as the Narco Lords or the overseers of the Rogue Factoria. Criminals are usually also outlaws but not always, as they often maintain close ties to legitimate businesses and the Merchant Guild. They are, in essence, still ‘playing the game’, are very much a part of the system and fill a vital role in increasing the productivity of the planet.
  • An outlaw is an individual who has been sanctioned by the Palanite Enforcers as a breaker of the laws of Necromunda. This can come in many forms, from out-and-out deviants such as mutants to clanners who fail to pay their Guild dues. The one unifying factor for all outlaws is they have a price on their head.
  • An outcast is someone who has been ejected from Necromundan society, most likely never to be accepted again. While a criminal might enjoy the acceptance of legitimate society, and even an outlaw may find redemption if they answer for their crimes, an outcast is no longer considered to be part of the system, and will suffer as such.
  • Finally, an outlander is anyone who lives beyond the formal reach of the Imperial House. Many underhivers are also considered outlanders if they live too far from one of the major settlements, but true outlanders exist in the deep badzones or far out in the ash wastes, where no laws but their own apply.

To summarize, seems like the terms "Outlaw" and Outcast" are linked, but of course not identical. Ref Lady Credo's ability affects both and both are recommended for Outlander campaign. On the other hand, Outcast is something different where the distinction is less meaningful? Lastly, a Clanless Outcast gang "doesn't suffer any ill effects from being either Law Abiding or Outlaw". This indicates Outcasts can be either. I'm leaning towards Outcasts being Outlaw, but perhaps depending on how you create your gang, they can choose and even be Law Abiding if suitable?

For Cawdor, if you are going to mix, then at least notice that those 2 equipment lists are separate, so perhaps choose individually per fighter? Or not. Who konws.
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I think for Outcasts it's simple for Clanless Outcasts, they are both/neither Law Abiding/Outlaw thus they can choose which of the modifiers apply. For the new core Rulebook that means you'll always pick being treated like an Outlaw as there's no longer any drawback to this.

For the other affiliations I think it's trickier, but I suspect you should treat all Outcast gangs as Outlaws so this means (in the new rulebook) they have no penalties to their rarity rolls. But also means they can only recruit specific DP and Hanger-Ons. The fluff around the various affiliations doesn't lend itself well to being considered Law-abiding.

The FAQ has the statement that 'If the rule is referring to a specific fighter then use that fighter's equipment list. If the rule is referring to an entire gang's equipment list, then use the equipment list of a fighter with the Gang Hierarchy (Leader) special rule. If the gang has multiple Leaders, (Cawdor) choose which one to use'. However this leads to such nonsense as everyone getting a Cherub Servitor, or equipping your Hive Scum with Multi-meltas. I'm more a fan of what you've suggested so Hive Scum get access to the Ganger list though occasionally this leads to things where say Outcast Champions affiliated with House Greim get no additional options as the House Greim 'list' doesn't include Champions. In those circumstances I'd probably look at it on a case-by-case basis and figure out something sensible.