Outlanders Rulebook

Necromunda Outlanders Rulebook 1996

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Malo submitted a new resource:

Outlanders Rulebook - Complete Outlanders including outlaw gangs and scenarios

Released soon after the original rules, the Outlanders brought into Hive the outlaws and scum of the Hive. Along with the resilient Ratskin Renegades, came the mutant cannibal Scavvies, Spyre elite hunters and the fanatical Redemption.

Included in this rulebook are additional scenarios specifically for battling outlaws, special outlaw trading post, new weapons and equipment as well as Pit Slave...

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I have issues with both that one and the NCE on my Surface tablet, but I have issues with everything on it so it shouldn't be of concern.

Which operating system/web browser/pdf viewer are you using?

Edit: it's opening just fine on Win7 laptop, though...
Hi guys,

I was opening on Windows 7 with IE8, but when I use firefox it opened no problem.

Doing a smidge of research, it appears the way the browser encodes the file can cause this kind of error. I will go to bed tonight a little smarter.

Many thanks for your help!
Just a word of advice, yaktribe is in no way compatible with IE8. I fact the main site should throw you a large disclaimer on IE8 or earlier. I test on Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, opera and safari.
I realise this thread is very old so it is possible that no-one will see this, however I just downloaded the manual to give to a friend rather than scan my own original paper copy (saves me a lot of time thanks!) , and just for info I have noticed that the last 6 pages of the Outlanders book are missing from your pdf. They are not rule-important however, they just list rules for using some extra stuff from the bestiary (Deviant Scum/Aliens and Chaos Creatures).
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Strange, it downloads for me no problem.
Hi there first of all very sorry, probably the qrong place for this. Is there a PDF of the 1st edition Source book. I have all thw copies in real books but its a little awkward reading them at work. PDF is mixh better. Cheers .
Thanks. I actually found them in the downloads section on here. The Source book is part of the rule book pdf. Cheers
Hello not to sound to thick, but where is the rest of the book? this seems to start on page 168
The post is 8 years old nevertheless i just donwloaded it and there are some pages missing,.
If someone could contribute id appreciate it greatly.
The missing pages are:
183, 184, 193, 241, 243, 244, 245, 246 and from 267 till the end.