Pagumb's Pulp Alley and WW2 Related Whatnots

Girls und Panzer project - I’d forgotten you were doing it!
Understandable with my fits and starts on the project. I've lost some momentum waiting for the US BluRay release of part 4 of the Das Finale films. Silly that would put a damper on my enthusiasm given that there's plenty of hobby to do on the project but avoiding spoilers means I'm not looking for GuP stuff in general on the net.

I did just order some Oshiro 15mm shrine and post town/village buildings to represent portions of Ooarai but I've yet to figure out how to represent the modern buildings. I'm guessing it will require scratch building basic structures with foam core and then trying to detail them so they match the style of the Sankei 1/87 scale paper models. Building details from different sources should also help with that. If I get more creative I could probably use some of the more affordable HO scale buildings too.
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I'm finding kit bashing challenging with my relative lack of WW2 bits but I'm starting to have a bit of fun.

A Stroking Deeply LDV unit mixing up Wargames Atlantic Partisans and BEF with some Warlord LDV minis and a couple of Mad Robot heads. Tophat fellow in the center is Harry Strappon, brother of Lord Henry. He runs Strappon Arms and Fireworks. Most of the kids in the area call him "Uncle Boomer" thanks to the fireworks shows he does, often running about and launching prototype fireworks from his portable mortar.