N18 Palanite Rank Markings


Mar 30, 2020
Are there any known markings for designating rank (Captain, Sergeant, etc.) among the Palanite? I know in regular 40k this is known for Adeptus Astartes and Astra Millitarum.

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Nov 5, 2019
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Are there any known markings for designating rank (Captain, Sergeant, etc.) among the Palanite? I know in regular 40k this is known for Adeptus Astartes and Astra Millitarum.
Nothing that has been shown so far. The official Palanite models also don't really give any clues, as kneepad markings and designation numbers seem random and the shoulder bars are all the same (and the Subjugators don't even have those...)


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Mar 31, 2017
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Additional question that is vaguely on topic. Are there any info on what does Mechanite do as enforcer operative? Also is there any official lore on how exactly non-standard operatives work?


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I painted their ranks in the shoulderpads, where the three bars are.

3 gold stripes are for the Captain
1-2 Gold and 2-1 Silver are for Sergeants. Think of sergeant/lieutenant equivalent.
2-3 Silver are for the regulars. Think of private/corporal equivalent.
1 Silver is for the Rookie.

If this is any official, I have no idea. Also works only for Palanites, Subjugators have different shoulder pads without the bars.
I also used the US police ranks as a reference and inspiration.
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Jul 19, 2012
I see Enforcers as nothing more than an armoured gang, a House helmawr gang, if you will. I would imagine, like gangs of other houses, there's no rank markings, the rest of the Enforcers just know who the boss is - s/he is the brutal looking one, probably with more scars than the rest!
If I was going to mark up ranks (and I am planning an enforcer gang in the future and am a AM and SM player in 40k) i would probably go with marking shoulder stripes and mentioned above. Only thing would then be repainting them as Fighters die or get promoted, assuming you want to keep them accurate.

Good question though


Jun 14, 2015
My planned scheme, when I finally move house and can get everything out of boxes to restart painting, is to have ranks indicated by progressive wear&tear on the armour. Rookies fresh from the Academy come with spotless armour, which gets chipped, scuffed, repaired, and customised as they progress through the ranks. I'm not planning on any specific colour marking to indicate rank, as that seems like it would just say to the neer-do-wells of the Hive 'Shoot this dude, he's the man in charge'
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Mar 6, 2018
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Interesting question! - I also have to paint mine at some point, so I looked at some photos of LA SWAT and other police special forces.
They all seem to have no visible badges of rank when they are on duty.


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Oct 30, 2014
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Not that it needs to reflect real world rank markings but a lot of low ranking soldiers and officers don’t wear rank markings. They only really start being added once you rise above the basic level so most of your enforcers don’t need extra markings just the Sergeants and Captain as the OP noted.

It’s also worth noting that military uniforms display ranks in different spots for different uniforms. So dress uniforms often show rank on the shoulders while combat uniforms show ranks in the middle of the chest which could be used to differentiate between normal Palanite and subjugaters if you want.

For Subjugaters it could also be an idea to put their squad markings on their backs rather than their fronts or shoulders as it would actually be easier for their squad mates packed in behind them to identify them without being easily identifiable by combatants in front of them.

Another common place to show rank is on the front of hats, but it will likely be too fiddly to do this with miniatures.