N18 Palanites from Dark Uprising have rules and tactics?

King Beans

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Jun 16, 2021
In my campaign my Palanite player feels like his gang is severely underpowered as he doesn't get anything like gene-smithing, Teknika or Chem Alchemy. For now he's been using universal tactics.

I never got a chance to grab the Dark Uprising box but is there anything from there like tactics or any unique gang rules?
Well… nope, not really. Those things were introduced along with a whole lot of gang reorganisation with the 2020 “House of” books.

The Enforcers and CGC were introduced a whole year earlier in 2019 and are still in the Gangs of the Underhive style of Gang listing.

They have been given a new Ash Wastes vehicle and big robot thing recently so maybe their rules will be refreshed sometime??
I had Dark Uprising and an Enforcer Tactics Cards pack, giving 12 Enforcer Tactics Cards and 16 Enforcer-themed-titled but Universal Gang Tactics Cards in total, which must be listed somewhere here or there I'd expect.
The cards available separately had a whopping four Enforcer cards and the rest were generic. I assumed DU has the bulk of their actual ones.

Anyway, if the OPs friend really wants Enforcer specific stuff then it’s really not worth bothering to track down the card pack on eBay for the ridiculous prices that no doubt command.

Go and look on Necro-Vox instead.
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