Necromunda Paradise Falls

Jan 2, 2018
So just to be clear, I started writing up this campaign before the world went this crazy but I've had a bit more time on my hands so thought I'd start posting some of it.
First off a bit of fiction.

Emperor take me, you can't flash that many creds about in a place like this! You'll end up at the wrong end of a stub gun and worse, they might scrag me in the process!

You be green as a newborn Scavvie so let me tell you how it is. Those guys over there work for Slick Mick, and over there, Olaf Hinterson, don't even glance at the ones in the booth with the broken globe, they're real scary. Any one of them would cut you down and defile your corpse for a fifth of what you've got in that satchel so keep it out of sight and try to pretend like you belong down here with the rest us. Now, what would you be wantin' with old Lenin, even in my prime my gun arm never commanded that kind of price.

Trust me kid you shouldn't be askin' after that place, believe me, you'll have the Enforcers on your back quicker than the rats flee before a quake. It's not like I could tells you much anyhow, thank the God Emperor himself I was lucky enough to have been on the right side when the bulkheads slammed shut and that was before you was born I'd guess.

Ok ok, since you're making it more than worth my while I'll tell you what it is I know but don't say I didn't warn you when you're bleeding out on the deck wondering where it all went wrong. Paradise Falls was like a diamond in the ash, oh sure the Underhive had claimed her millennia ago but thanks to the work of those creepy Tech Priests it was a lot better than this dump. The locals called it Old Faithful, the purifier that lent its importance to the settlement below. Some say it is older than long night, Don't ask me if that's true but it doesn't look like the others I've seen piercing the levels of the hive. Not that you can get near her now, no matter what level you're on.

The filth that poured out of that thing may not have been pleasant but you wouldn't believe what it was worth and it all belonged to the warrior queens of the Crimson Court. The Crimson Spire ran from the outlet near the apex of the dome to the deck extracting everything of any value and dumping what was left into what the hivers called the Maw. Some kind of vac extractor if you ask me and there were plenty of rumours that those who earned the ire of the Court ended up being fed to it alive.

Now you can't keep a place like Paradise all to yourself and the rest of the bastard Houses had their own presence there as well but none could challenge the Court. Even if they'd fancied their chances the everyday hivers would've had none of it. The Court were smart enough to dish out free fertiliser, good enough to keep the holesteads going and that meant even poor folks had a better life than most down here and the craftsman depended on the chems they provided. A good life buys you a lot of loyalty in these parts but then guessing by your fine threads it's clear you've learned that lesson. Beside when you're makin' that many creds without having to kill for 'em it's easy not to upset the balance.

Now don't get me wrong, folks still died, a lot in fact. I'd have never made my way there unless some poor soul needed killing. Any place with that much going for it always attracts a fair amount of scum looking to take what ain't theirs and no amount of creds is ever go'n stop good old fashioned revenge takin' it's toll. The combined work of Helmawr's boys, the court and 'em tooled up nuns kept it from getting out of hand though.

You look surprised, didn't you know about the precinct house and the mission?

Emperor knows why, but long before the Underhive claimed her the dome had been listed as “Priority Element” if that means anything to ya? It seems nobody ever thought to countermand that once she was lost to Hive City. So even deep down here folks had to put up with those damn enforcers sticking their nose where it didn't belong but at least the Sisters kept those crazy Redemptionists out of the place.

What you talkin' about lad, there weren't no train!

If there was it was long gone by the time I was there. Didn't see no track or nothin'. Could have been one at some point but damned if I can help you with that, I ain't no workman. Best talk to the Guilders, bet they'd know shippin' stuff all over the place like they do.

Tunnels? Yeah there was a few that could have handled a mag line, some functional, some less so and a few totally useless.

Sealed? Not that I saw, until whatever happened, happened. It was mostly collapses, that's the problem down here, weight of the world is bearin' down on us as I'm sure you'll learn.

You know I don't know what happened, wouldn't be sat here talkin' to you if I did. All I can tells ya is I was returning to collect on a bounty when three domes away I was stopped by some motherless PDF troopers who had a set up a checkpoint. Bastards wouldn't tell me what was up, just that I should leave and never come back. The folks bein' rounded up in the background and stuffed into haulers lent a certain amount of weight to them words so I took off. The head I was carryin' had no value now so I left it at the checkpoint.

Now I think I've been more than generous with my time so pay up before I start remembering too much about my head taking days.
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Jan 2, 2018
Romona made sure to keep to the cover of the nest of pipes and cables that had been hastily installed to keep this section of District West functioning after the local junction hub had been taken out. Waste of time that was, the whole district had been locked down soon after and they'd been cut off since. She froze as beams of light began to pan back and forth at the other end of the alley. They quickly moved on but she found herself unwilling to do the same. Nobody gave their position away like that these days unless they were desperate and the last thing she wanted was to stumble into whatever trouble those fools had gotten themselves into. Silently she shifted through a gap in the wall, eased herself to the ground and waited.

It wasn't long before dark shapes were moving fast across the alley, giving chase to their quarry. How had it come to this? A fully blooded ganger of the Crimson Court shouldn't be cowering in the dark, fearful of some unknown enemy. Not that she looked much like the proud ganger she was anymore. The face paint had been the first to go, no hope that was making it onto the list of essential supplies allowed through the checkpoints that had sprung up. Next had been her hair, it had started to draw attention her way when it was least welcome. Now even her gang colours and ink were hidden by the hooded cloak she wore at all times.

Her attention suddenly snapped back to the world around her as something sent a stray bolt skittering across the floor with a careless step. Quickly glancing about the burned out remains of the hab she was sheltering in failed to locate the source. Slowly she got back on her feet and retreated through a nearby doorway that led into a communal area. The burned up remains of a few hivers were scattered about what appeared to be lounge of some kind and Romona took care not to disturb the delicate mounds of ash and bone as she moved towards the only other exit.

The door was in pieces and she deftly made it over the threshold without scattering any of the debris only to find herself barred from exiting the building by a well built barricade that had been welded over the exit door at the bottom of the stairwell.

With no other choice Romona started up the stairs. Progress was slow as she endeavoured to make as little noise as possible. Each floor she passed showed increased signs of violence as it became apparent that the inhabitants had mounted increasingly desperate actions to protect their home. She paused before reaching the top floor, unsure if despite the silence she was about to cross paths with a dug in group of survivors. It didn't take long before the smell disabused her of that notion. Slowly she climbed the last few steps and glanced down the corridor.

The sight that greeted her turned her stomach the first time she saw it but this wasn't the first time. She'd been given incendiary grenades and ordered to torch these tangled mounds of corpses wherever she found them but they'd run out long ago. Quickly now she hustled up the final flight of stairs to the roof and through the unbarred door. A quick scan of the roof revealed nothing of use to seal the door behind her but she closed it anyway to impair any pursuit.

The sound of movement from back down the stairwell made her break into a sprint. Luckily the alleys between the habs in this area were narrow and she easily cleared the gap. Dropping down behind the low wall that ringed the roof she drew her laspistol and took aim. The instant the door began to move she stood and opened fire. The lasrounds pinged off the thick metal door but whatever was coming through ducked back. Continuing to fire she backed up to the stairwell but the door wouldn't budge. Putting a lasround into the lock didn't help and she screamed in frustration.

Catching movement out of the corner of her eye she resumed firing until the clip ran dry and she started running again. She skidded to a halt at the edge of the roof and stared down into the bombed out ruins of the next hab over. She cast the empty laspistol into the darkness and stepped up onto the ledge. A series of dull thumps told her that her pursuers had landed behind her. She cast off her cloak and stared up the Crimson Spire. Smoke was still billowing out of the North East side from the explosion a few weeks back.

For the first time since this all began it started to rain from Old Faithful's crop hydration distribution system. Each drop that hit her skin stung and she started to feel dizzy. She rubbed the liquid between her fingers and saw the kaleidoscope of colours where it caught the light.

Romona Hills, ganger of the Crimson Court threw her head back and laughed as the fire rippled out from the Spire and rained down on what was left of Paradise.