N18 Peer Review for Delaque List


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Oct 25, 2023
Hi all,

I've spent the last 18 months buying models, reading the many, many, Necromunda books and absorbing the many facets and the vibe of the game prior to putting virtual pen to virtual paper.

Delaque miniatures were my first visual love and attracted me to Necromunda and feels like the perfect place to start my designing.

Full disclosure, I'm mainly interested in the narrative and RPG elements and in my hours of reading have gone through the list optimisations on the various websites and have come out of the other side. I'm looking for an interesting gang to model (I'm a sucker for the extra kits for weapons, heads, add ons, etc) and to play in a friendly and fun campaign.

I may be coming at this from the otherside of most of these posts.

Does it feel balanced or have I optimised a bit unwittingly after all of the reading? I've tried to avoid Overseer and have gone with basic gangers initially (no Nacht-Ghul, etc.) I do like the idea of Infiltrate (feels very Delaque).

I've built this with no real thoughts on setting (Underhive or Ash Wastes) but I do see Ash Wastes being played sooner than UH. I haven't gone down the vehicle route as yet as I want to lock some characters down to begin the modelling fun.

Please find the link: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/children_of_n'kai.499436/

Thanks for your time in advance. I would really appreciate your thoughts.
You're definitely not over-optimized without a Nacht Ghul, so no worries there. :)
When you're building a new gang, you're dealing with a very limited amount of credits, so one of the best things you can do for efficiency is to focus on fighters being good at only one thing, rather than stacking gear on them for all situations... that can come later. For that reason, I'd suggest taking the Web Gauntlet off your Leader and just going with the Plasma Gun. Give him/her the Gauntlet and a nice pistol a little later in the campaign.
You're also carrying a lot of spare Auto Pistols; enough for perhaps another fighter or a nice weapon upgrade. I'd drop those (again, for now) and see what you can do with the extra credits.
I would drop your second Phantom for a Nacht Ghul with Claws. Besides being a very effective fighter, the Nacht Ghul opens up a lot of fun tactical and narrative options. It'll cause your opponents to be a bit more cautious about where they place their models. I'd then take the Web Pistol you have on that Phantom and put it on your second Shadow.
Lastly, your fighters are all very well-armored... and that's expensive. If you need credits for weapon upgrades or another fighter, consider dropping some or all of the undersuits on your Leader types or the Mesh on your peons; most people tend to start those fighters out unarmored. I'm not saying that armor on those fighters is a bad investment, just that it might not be the best investment at the start of the campaign.
Hi Psyan,

Really great to get your perspective.

I'm now experimenting with a Nacht-Ghul and am finding some spare credits by stripping back the auto pistols and using your advice to make each gang member good at a single thing (to begin with). Will post my revised list very soon.

Thanks so much for the advice!