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Sep 2, 2023
Hey all,

I'm not sure if this thread is in the best place, but I am beginning the process of creating rules for a never-ending campaign. I've been mulling it over for a little while, and I think it's the best way to go for my group. My goal with this is to create a map (hopefully 3d printed using the popov labs hexes) that gangs will fight over. I will be trying to figure out what systems to leave out, what to rewrite and what can stand as is. I figured I'd make this thread because any input, positive or negative would be helpful. Maybe just an open discussion of what you would want playing in a campaign of this sort. If it works out, I will hopefully be able to marry the underhive and ashwastes setting (and yes hopefully the sump) to create a map where the location will dictate the terrain. Then, hopefully, the system itself will work to dictate the scenarios played, giving players a way to control what/where/who they fight without manipulating any existing systems.

The meat and potatoes (corpses-starch and mould?) of the system will be a map detailing all the domes and habs in the individual spire being inhabited, as well as the outlands, sump and ash located under and around. This "Spire" would represent a single needle amongst whatever hive city is being fought over. The gangs would have a "home territory" that they inhabit, and would be able to take surrounding territory. Each territory would provide a series of resources that will not only allow for new gangers and equipment, but also the "improvement" of territories (this would include defenses, hangers on, and illicit businesses). Games will be decided organically, as each campaign cycle (week?) players can secretly declare attacks. The attackers would be made up of whoever the attacking gang sends, and the defenders would be made up of whoever is "posted" at that territory, as well as hangers on and defenses (one such defense could be a contingent of hive scum, representing hang arounds and retired gangers). Combined with the "biome" of the defending location, there could be either a list to choose from or a random table to decide what game is played. This could (and likely will) lead to wildly unbalance fights, however I think that can add to the fun. Maybe even add XP bonuses to legendary gangers who fight off incredible odds.

I am trying to use this system to fix a couple of issues I've seen, that are not game breaking, but detract from existing gameplay structure.

First, by using hive scum as a defensive option, it would mean someone would finally use them. In RAW they are just too costly to be worth it (IMHO). I would also like to add a system where bountys can be placed on enemy gangs, and when facing them a roll would be made to see if you get to use a bounty hunter. Again, maybe see some things I don't usually see.

Second I think this might stall out the power creep as winning gangs run into a place where they can't justify not just spamming plasma and other specials. With this system, money should always be a little tight, as it's needed not just for muscle, but for expansion. It will also mean that gangs can choose what avenues to expand into. For example, if I am tight on credits, I can choose to ignore the ash-wastes and focus on hive business. This will allow my enemies to exploit that front with less opposition, but I wouldn't be forced to participate in a losing venture. Then once money is good, aggressively expand when I'm ready.

Third, and this is not set in stone, I would like to allow some of the non-traditional gangs have special mechanics built in to really make them feel special. For example:
1: Enforcers wouldn't hold territory (except their HQ). Instead they would make money by raiding criminal enterprises (and confiscating illicit materials)
2: Corpse grinders/helots/nomads/gsc/mutants/ogryn: would only be able to hold outlaw territory (garbage) surviving off raids.
3: Prospectors/Venators?guilds: Not sure yet, likely some completely special set up.

I am hoping to focus on some major things, such as being law abiding ect. Make it a big deal to shop on the black market. Also want to see more things like gang booby-traps and hired guns used in game. As for the game itself, as of right now the only major system I might change is the Reputation system. I'm not in love with how it works, but don't want to hamstring gangs/skills that effect it. Anyway, am I crazy? Am I reinventing the wheel, or does this sound like something you would like to have me post up here as an options system. I appreciate the feedback.
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