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    I uploaded the Pdf of the scenario for the Chronicles from the Underhive podcast competition on their facebook group ( -link- ), but I tought of posting it here as well to hear what the Necro community at large thought of it; hope you like it:)

    P.S. I don't know how to upload/link files in these forumsso if you want the original Pdf with the paper dollies/proxies for the Critters and Nests, check out the link and get the file from there.

    Pest Extermination (
    aka ‘It’s raining Bugs’)

    Unidentified creatures are infesting the ventilation ducts and service corridors of an unremarked section of the underhive, but in this area passages to forgotten manufactoriums and other old vaults were recently discovered and reopened, forcing the Guilders that want to claim the neglected structures to put out a considerable bounty to find and destroy the nests and clear the area of pests. Your gangs randomly meet on one such extermination job and as usual things quickly turn into an all out fight between gangs and critters from the wastes...


    This scenario uses a standard battlefield (either Sector Mechanicus or Zone Mortalis).

    Special Rule: Nest objective markers

    This is an immobile ‘model’ that is automatically hit by melee attacks, has Toughness 3 and 5 wounds, but it also has the same ‘effect’ as the Xenos Nesting chamber on the Zone mortalis Tiles (If a fighter ends an action within 1’’ of a Nest marker, roll a D6. On a 1-3, they are attacked by Critter hatchlings – they are Pinned, and suffer D6 Strength 1 hits).

    Special Rule: Critters

    In this mission there are 5 Mature critters starting on the table, that initially will behave as Critter sentries – at the start of each round (before either gang), for each Mature critter on the table both players roll a die and the player that scored highest gets to move the critter in any direction a number of inches equal to the difference between the rolls. If both rolls are the same, roll a Scatter die and move the Critter in the direction determined by the arrow on the die a number of inches equal to the Critter’s Movement stat. After moving each Critter make a spot check for it as per normal sentry rules, keeping in mind it has a 360 degrees Line of sight and it has a +1 on rolls for spotting checks. After all Critter sentries have moved and done their Spot checks, the players alternate activating their fighters as normal. The Alarm can be raised as per normal Sentry rules (triggered by loud noise/gunfire or alerted sentries), with one additional ‘trigger’ being any of the Nests taking damage – as soon as that happens the alarm is raised.

    Once the alarm has been raised all Critters on the table will become aggressive and double move or charge (if within 8’’ of any legal targets) toward the closest enemy model in sight (remember they all have 360 Los) or if they are already engaged they will fight anybody they are engaged with. The Critters get all their activations at the start of each round before either gang.

    Also after the alarm is raised, (D3+number of rounds passed since the alarm sounded) Critter reinforcements will ‘drop-in‘ at the start of every round (after the critters already on the table finished activating). First determine how many Critters come in, then for each one roll a D6 (on 1-4 it is a Young Critter, on a 5-6 it is a Mature Critter) and then randomly select a fighter on the table this Critter is dropping on (I would suggest shuffling the cards of both gangs in 1 pile and drawing out the unlucky victims of the drops). The selected fighter then rolls an Initiative test and if he/she passes, he/she successfully sidesteps the critter’s drop (meaning the controlling player can then place the critter 1’’ from the selected fighter - that critters activation then ends), but if he/she fails the Initiative test the critter counts as having successfully charged the fighter (in this case place the Critter in base contact with the target and resolve the charge and retaliatory strikes immediately).

    The Young and Mature critters have the following profiles:
    - Young Critter: M6 Ws5+ S2 T2 W1 I3+ A1
    - Mature Critter: M5 Ws4+ S3 T3 W2 I4+ A2

    All critters are armed with Venomous fangs and have the Clamber (Agility) skill and the Venomous special rule (see below). Mature Critters also have a chitin carapace granting them a 5+ Armor save.

    Venomous: If this model rolls a natural 6 to hit with a melee attack, resolve the attack as if it had the Toxin trait, rather than rolling to wound as normal.


    This scenario uses the standard rules for choosing a crew. Both players use the Custom Selection method.

    Tactics Cards

    Each player may select two Gang Tactics cards.

    If during the pre-battle sequence the total Credits value of fighters in one player’s starting crew is less than their opponent’s then they may randomly draw an additional Tactics card for each full 100 credits of difference.


    Both players roll/off and take turns deploying D3 Nest objective markers within 6’’ of the center of the table. After that the players roll/off again and alternate deploying 5 Mature Critters within 12’’ of the center of the table (these will behave as sentries in the first phase of the battle). After that this scenario uses the standard rules for deployment of the Gangs (so roll/off, pick a table edge and deploy within 2’’ of said edge).


    The primary objective for both gangs is to destroy the Nest objective markers and kill as many Critters as possible. Destroying a Nest marker is worth 10 points, while killing a Young critter is worth 1 point and a Mature critter is worth 3 points. Taking gangers Out of action doesn’t award any points toward the mission objective.

    Ending the Battle

    The battle can’t end until all Nest objective markers are destroyed (unless both gangs bottled out without achieving the objective) – this means that one gang could bottle out early and the other gang would be left alone on the battlefield fighting an increasing number of Critters... After that criterion is met (no Nests left), if either gang has no fighters left on the board at the end of any round, the battle ends immediately.

    Victory (Skirmish Only)

    The player that scored the most points wins.

    Rewards (Campaign Only)


    For each Mature critter killed your gang earns 5 Credits while each Nest is worth D3 x10 Credits. Young critters aren’t worth anything. In addition, if all Nest markers were destroyed before the end of the battle, the Gang that scored the most points claims the Guilder’s bounty of 2D3 x10 Credits.


    Each fighter that took part in the battle earns 1 XP.

    A fighter earns 1 XP for each Mature critter he/she took out of action (Young critters aren’t worth any Xps)

    A fighter earns D3 XP for each Nest marker he/she destroyed.

    If all Nest markers were destroyed before the end of the battle, the Leader of the Gang that scored the most points gains D3 XP.


    If all Nest markers were destroyed before the end of the battle, the Gang that scored the most points gains D3+1 Reputation.

    If either gang bottled out, they lose 1 Reputation. If a gang bottles out (due to losses, failed bottle roll and Cool checks) before all Nest markers are destroyed they lose 1 more Reputation and if they bottled out voluntarily they lose another D3 Reputation. To clarify if you are unlucky with dice rolls and end up bottling out and having your gangers flee the table before the objective is complete you lose 2 Rep, but if you chose to bottle out ‘early’ you lose 2+D3 Rep in total.

    Designer’s notes: Critter/Nest models

    Obviously players are encouraged to model suitable objective markers on 40-50 mm bases and kit-bash Critter models on 25-32 mm bases (or use old Necromunda Beasts if you have the models), but if you don’t have the time/resources for it, I drew some ‘paper dollies’ you can just print out, cut and glue/tape to empty bases or coins. Also note that while I drew Spider-like Critters, there is no reason you couldn’t use crawly worm-like creatures, bats, Alien Face-huggers, Tyranid swarmlings, Skaven giant rats, ecc… Have some fun with disgusting pests.

    Designer’s notes: Multiplayer games

    This mission can work well for multi-player games, but in that case I would strongly suggest having an Arbitrator control/do all the rolls for the Critters.

    Besides assigning the Critter ‘gang’ under the arbitrator’s control you should also adjust the numbers of Nest markers and Reinforcements as follows:

    - Instead of D3 Nests, have each player deploy one Nest within 6’’ of the center of the table (meaning you’ll have as many Nests as there are gangs/players participating in the game).

    - Increase the number of Critter reinforcements to D6+the number of players in the game and instead of dropping them randomly (with 3+ gangs it becomes too messy to randomize each drop) have the Arbitrator chose where to drop his Critters, trying to spread them ‘evenly’ between all the gangs.
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    You did very well with the entry from what I understand(y)
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