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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
I'm starting to think that pets in Necromunda need a complete overhaul. Currently they are overcomplicated and next to useless.

I was thinking of 2 ways:
1. Completely simplify pets into a glorified token, but they give the owner an extra attack, maybe an extra wound. The pet's model is a token which is removed when the owner's abblative wound is gone.
2. Instead of becomming broken when outside of 3" (let's call it a leash range), pets have 1 action instead of 2 when they group activate with the owner further than the leash range.
Maybe instead of being broken they just simply must attempt to move back within 3” of their owner in the next turn, unless they are in combat in which case they continue to fight.

The combat thing is an extra rule in there but it has always seemed odd to me that they attack then run away.
An alternative thought has crossed my mind of simplifying pets into another type of a fighter, which can only be deployed alongside their owner and which fights more effectively if they've started their activation within 3" of the owner. Other than that they are basically another type of ganger, but with restrictions to injured assists and opening doors. So no going over the scenario's fighter number limit with pets, but they are priced a lot cheaper. Perhaps leave the ability to group activate with pets with unlimited range. Perhaps pets could be immune to pinning as long as they are within 3" of the owner or give owner the ability to spend 1 action to unpin the nearby pet... Perhaps auto-recovery when an injured pet is assisted by the owner or sharing XP between pet and the owner if they are within 3" of each other.

Basically turn pets into a melee gangers who function way better when are close to the owner and can't do 'smart' stuff. Maybe remove the auto-flee the battlefield when the owner dies and turn it into a nerve check regardless of the range between pets and the owner.

Maybe instead of being broken they just simply must attempt to move back within 3” of their owner in the next turn, unless they are in combat in which case they continue to fight.
I think that pets should activate normally if they are within 3" of the owner or 3" of the enemy. If the activating pet is further away, then they have to spend their actions trying to get as close as possible to the owner (with sensible approach, as in move around dangerous terrain, climb ladders instead of jumping down from huge heights , etc). This way you can sick a pet at an enemy without having to endanger yourself for it to function.
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While testing the list below in a skirmish game, I felt that pets were actually doing something for a change:
  1. Pets take space in the starting crew like regular fighters. They are no longer equipment, however an owner has to be assigned to each pet.
  2. Pets can't assist injured, open doors or do other 'smart' actions.
  3. Pets no longer automatically flee once their owner is dead, however they have to make a cool check or break when the owner gets OOA'ed.
  4. Pets don't risk breaking outside of 3" away from the owner, however the player is motivated to keep the pet close due to the following rules:
  5. While pets are within the 3" leash range, they can't be pinned (they stand up for free if the owner gets within 3" range) and automatically recover with a flesh wound if they are assisted while injured.
  6. The owner can group activate with a pet wherever the pet is (or include the pet into a regular group activation). However, the pet can activate like a regular fighter should the player wish.
  7. If the pet has started its activation while within 3" of the owner, the owner gets XP that pet receives during its activation.