PETA wants to ban warhammer furs on models

I wonder how many of these peta people have carpet in their homes. Since people in the distant past used furs and such for floor coverings, the argument could be made that modern carpet perpetuates the same micro aggressions against fur bearing animals......I don't believe any of this type of BS but it just goes to show how easy someone could dream up such an ignorant thing and make it an issue. Personally, I believe that its just another case of someone that couldn't come up with some better idea to spread their propaganda so they attacked toys. What's next? A requirement to have a paint color named "simulated leather using only man made materials"?
I'm sorry if I have offended anyone out there with my rant. But with all of the truly important issues facing us all, we have people that choose to waste time and energy by
This debacle even made it into this week's BBC 7 things from 7 days quiz, including the final scoring.

I got 4 out of 7: "Hammer Time!", apparently :D.
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I didn't even think these guys were around anymore. I thought they all died from suffication by wrapping themselves in plastic wrap on foam trays pretending to be meat products :LOL::LOL::LOL: (mind the fake blood).


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Good lil article there. Though some replies are about that PETA has accomplished their goal by getting the word out, they have actually managed to malign and alienate an entire subculture.

Achievement unlocked: "Getting the word out".
Rewards: if people donate, it will be to other causes that aren't run by fanatical morons.
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So, my Yak18 comp entry is a reaction to PETA being complete dicks*

*I don't usually swear online, but I am sure @Malo will forgive me this one :)

The idea is that Peta is an insane zealot that hunts people down that wear animal pelts, even if it is purely for survival and traditional (hence the Ratskin being burned on a pyre, while still wearing the skins).

The Peta I created is some kind of necromancer that binds the souls of those she has burninated to the remnants of the skins they were wearing, which is why I ended up making them missing limbs (as if they had been too badly damaged by the purification process).

I had thought to make some Skeletons with Ratskin pelts, but then (while mucking about with the pieces) realised I was humming the theme to Peter and the Wolf. At that time the Beastmaster claimed the name "Peter" and the entry became "Peter and the Wolf Pelts", but the final name of "Peta and the Wolf Pelts" was suggested and it stuck. :)

Peta and the Wolf Pelts
by trollmeat on YakTribe Gaming

Peta's pelt can come off and the paint theme is Skeletor style so can fit in with my (eventual) Church of Divine Equity.

Peta and the Wolf Pelts
by trollmeat on YakTribe Gaming

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