N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

Matt Spencer

Oct 4, 2016
I'm not sure how the Mounted condition is supposed to work with various special rules related to Pinning. The following quotes are all taken from either the Ash Wastes Rulebook or the Book of the Outlands.

The vast majority of fighters, when they find themselves under enemy fire, will duck for cover and attempt to keep their head down. To represent this, when a Standing and Active fighter is hit by a ranged attack, they re automatically placed Prone and Pinned. Players should note that a Standing and Engaged fighter cannot become Prone and Pinned.

"I Get Knocked Down...": A Mounted fighter does not automatically become Pinned when hit by a ranged attack. Instead, they immediately make an Initiative check (applying a -1 modifier if they were hit by a weapon with either the Blast (X) or Knockback traits). If this check is failed, they are Knocked Down

When a Mounted fighter is Knocked Down, they immediately suffer an automatic hit. The Strength, AP and Damage of this hit is determined by how far the fighter moved during their last activation, rounded up to the nearest inch:

Distance MovedStrengthAPDamage

Once a Mounted fighter has been Knocked Down, they become Prone and Pinned. However, they must pass an Initiative check before they can successfully perform the Stand Up (Basic) action. If this check is passed, the fighter may stand up as normal and immediately becomes Standing and Active once more. If this check is failed, the action is wasted and they remain Prone and Pinned.

When the fighter is hit by a ranged attack, make a Cool check for them. If it is passed, they may choose not to be Pinned.

If this fighter is Pinned when they are activated, make an Initiative check for them. If the check is passed, the fighter may make a Stand Up (Basic) action for free. If the check is failed, the fighter may still stand up, but it costs one action as usual.

If a fighter hit by a weapon with this Trait is Standing and Active, they will always become Prone and Pinned - even if they have an ability that would normally allow them to avoid being Pinned by ranged attacks. If a vehicle is hit by a weapon with this Trait, after the attack has been fully resolved the vehicle must make a Loss of Control test.

In addition, if the wound roll for a Seismic weapon is a natural 6, no save roll can be made against that attack.

If my Mounted fighter with Nerves of Steel is hit by a shooting attack, what happens?
NoS1. Cool check, if passed nothing happens (proceed to Initiative check if Cool check failed).
NoS2. Initiative check, if failed Knocked Down, then Cool check to avoid being Pinned.
NoS3. He's not getting Pinned because he's hit by a ranged attack (he's getting pinned because he's Knocked Down), so the skill doesn't help.

If my Mounted fighter with Spring Up starts their activation Pinned, what happens?
SU1. Initiative check, if passed Stand Up for free.
SU2. Initiative check, if passed make a second Initiative check in order to take the Stand Up action for free.

If my Mounted fighter is hit by a ranged weapon with the Seismic Trait, what happens?
S1. Initiative check, if passed they're not Knocked Down but are still Pinned.
S2. Automatically Knocked Down and Pinned.

Maybe the answers are obvious, but with there being so many contradictions in the rules I'm no longer sure of anything, so I'd appreciate a second opinion.

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I'm sure I've seen this answered officially - in an FAQ or something.
So I'll relay what I remember.

These skills apply as normal - so Nerves of Steel gets to take a cool check if hit, and only has to test initiative if it's failed.

Spring Up gets to take an initiative test to spring up, and if successful they can jump on for free, taking another initiative test to do so.

It didnt mention seismic, I would interpret it as you're automatically knocked down.

Mounted fighters don't get pinned - knocked down is their direct equivalent.

Matt Spencer

Oct 4, 2016
Mounted fighters don't get pinned - knocked down is their direct equivalent.
So does that mean if a Mounted fighter is hit by a vehicle they also get Knocked Down, and have to take the damage for the collision and the Knocked Down damage as well? And, if so, would they get a second Initiative check to avoid the Pinning and the Knocked Down damage after taking the vehicle collision damage?

I don't suppose you know where this FAQ was, do you? The last one I saw only mentioned that the income from road sections was correct, and had nothing about Mounted fighters.
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Sep 4, 2017
Sump City radio had an official response from the Necromunda rules team at GW about this. This is what they said.

"How does the 'mounted' condition interact with the skills, 'Nerves of Steel' and 'Spring Up'?"

For both rules just apply them at the point in which they trigger.

Nerves of Steel: As this happens when the fighter is hit and so before they would be pinned, they may make a Cool check, if passed they remain Standing. If failed then the usual Initiative check to see if a fighter subject to the Mounted Condition is pinned.

Spring Up: If they pass an Agility test they may make a Stand Up action for free, they must then pass an Initiative to successfully get up in the same manner as any fighter subject to the Mounted Condition, it just doesn't cost them an action."


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Dec 29, 2017
I think it makes a lot of sense to avoid further complications. But then I don't get the technical distinction between Pinned and Knocked Down (other than Knocked Down involves damage). Completely agree this must go through official channels. How come a podcast get to ask these questions? Can they how to resolve a close combat action involving multiple hits with Knockback?