N18 Pinning and the Mounted condition

1. Hip Shooting should have interaction with Ride By! Wish Ride By was limited to once per round and Move (Simple/Basic) actions. Sprint also is a great combo with Ride By. Knocked Down will of course easily reach max damage should you be pinned afterwards.
2. I'd simply go with RAW, there is no exception for mounts. Move is Basic.

Another funny combo is Naaargah! which could grant a 3rd move and a 3rd Ride By attack, however followed by a guaranteed and very painful Knocked Down.
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Nice thread about the mounted condition, there are many interactions that should be cleared out by FAQ. In my group, we had some test games to prepare our first Ash Wastes campaign, and we found some weird stuff (and more to happen while we play, I'm afraid)

Right now, we have two main discussion:

1. How certain skills should work while mounted, sprint and hip shooting came into it. Should they be used? Sprint makes me chuckle, I can imagine a Flintstones dirtbike for this...

2. How some weather effects affect them. We had the effect that makes the move (simple) become move (basic) unless the fighter has a respirator. RAW it should also be like that for mounted condition, but it looks a bit weird... What would you do?
1. Is a bit weird, I would say though that it applies only to the rider themselves as you can use them in Underhive games where mounts are not permitted. I think you can also deploy them by choice, without their mounts if you so wish.

2. Treat it the same. Think of how a sandstorm would mean that the rider would have to shield their eyes and face, or how smoke/gas would mean they have to hold at least a cloth to their face to try and filter it. It would mean they would be pushing their mounts much slower as they try to deal with the conditions carefully.