N18 Piscean spektor 0-2?


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Jan 4, 2023
Just a bit of confusion reading the Necrodamus rules, which I am pretty sure is just the GW rules with some house rules.

Gang comp on page 96 say 1 gang specific brute only. But Delaque says piscean spektor 0-2.. so if my rep is high enough can I get 2 of them? Or is it a case of GW isnt great at checking their own rules?
I don't think GW ever said that gang specific Brutes were all limited to 0-1. They are limited by the gang's Rep and by the limit specific to that type of Brute. It was just coincidence that almost all the ones exclusive to a specific House were 0-1 while the generic Ogryn and Ambot were both 0-2.
I just downloaded the latest version from https://necrodamus.org/, but it still says the same thing on page 96.

"Each gang can have max 1 gang specific Brute."

But I will just take this as it can be ignored
As I understand it the website is maintained by a third party and not TopsyKretts. You will need to get the latest version which may not be the one that is on the website.
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Yeah it's a bit complicated when I don't have control over the web site. There are some other ways of getting the latest version which I can't go into details about here, but should be hidden in plain sight so to speak. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in the near future so that the web site will also be up to date.

About that error, this was something I added back in the day when it was a convention and true for all gangs. From 2017 to 2021 all gangs were limited in this way. Eventually though of course there were an exception as you point out, however I forgot to remove this sentence because there were all sorts of changes happening.
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