N18 Planning to convert need advice!


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Sep 28, 2018
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While I was making my old Renegade models from forgeworld to make Chaos Helot gang, a thought came to my mind.

I should use my Blood Bowl Noble team and Greatswords(old fantasy empire model) to make another gang to go along with my Chaos Helot gang.

However, I'm contemplating whether I should go with Venator or Enforcer
My first option was Venator but with only few exp with the game itself I'm not sure how to make starting roster and other future upgrades, for conversion purpose.

So my questions are
1. If I want to go with very versatile Venator set up how should i set up starting gang of 1k credit? (have good mixture of range and CC OR recommended min/max venator starting gang)
2. Will I be changing weapons ALOT in a campaign of Necromunda especially with Venator since they have Legacy options?
3. Any good venator and enforcer tactics reads? Read goonhammer and some info on the yak tribes.
4. How many models should I prepare? I have enough body to make 21models Will this be enought?

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Apr 4, 2018
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1. That mostly depends on you and your group. Generally though, you want a healthy mix.

2. No, in fact you can't change weapons, only add more.

3. Sounds like you've already found the main ones.

4. You normally start with around ~8, a dozen should be plenty for the first part of a campaign. You could leave building the rest until you've played a bit and get a sense for what you like, what you don't, and what you want.


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Oct 30, 2014
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1. I would recommend making a few Venators lists using the Underhive tools on this site to see what you can fit. Most people prefer to build gangers as shooters and have leaders and champions either take bigger guns or provide close combat support.

2. You need to keep your weapons throughout the campaign. Some fighters will by a better weapon as the campaign goes on but will keep their starting weapon as a back up.

3. Sorry. Can’t help here.

4. Build your starting fighters and keep the rest of the bodies for once you know what you want to build. If you do know what you are going to buy later in the campaign then you can build them as well, but don’t stress about it.