Suggestion Please add a 'control z' function to gnag building.


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Jan 23, 2024

I'm new here and when I make gangs or teams in games like this I'm the kind of person who's constantly adjusting things and after using this app, wow is that annoying. No ability tom add an operative and delete them, gaining money back in the process, makes this process very time consuming for me where if this one feature was added I could save hours of annoyance and hundreds of clicks.

Thanks for listening, please fix.

I am not watching this thread and maybe there is some way to restore money without deleting and creating a new gang each time but even so, control z beats the hell out of clicking so much.
Yeah, it’s a learning process. We’ve encouraged a “welcome to the Tribe. Here’s how to use the gang creation tools” sticky thread. But it hasn’t happened. Just keep playing with them. The customization tools are pretty complex as well. Especially if you’re going to add them to a campaign for everyone to use.
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