Question Post-battle log: are beneficial injuries processed automatically?


Apr 20, 2012
Northglenn, CO
Is there any way I can know for sure whether I've already been automatically given the 2d6 xp for Survival Against The Odds?

At the end of this battle: one fighter got the Survival Against The Odds injury. This 'injury' is one of the beneficial ones that can be rolled on the serious injuries table, and actually rewards the recipient with 2d6 worth of XP. However, it's not clear to me whether the post-battle processing included this reward for me, or if I need to roll it myself.

Looking at the post-battle log I see that the gang member in question received a total of 11xp, 6 of which came from an underdog bonus, so rolling 5 on 3d6 is unfortunate but not impossible. I'm fine with manually rolling it if needed, I just don't want to give myself the experience twice if it's already been calculated for me.

I should maybe create a separate suggestion ticket for this, but it would be nice to be able to expand the post-battle log to see a little more detail about what the numbers consist of, exactly.

Actually, what would be really nice is if there was any way at all to view the post-battle log after the window's been closed. :p
If there's some secret hidden link on the battle summary page (or anywhere else) that I've overlooked, please let me know and I'll schedule a visit with my optometrist, but I looked all over the summary page ( and I don't see any way to view the post-battle log details.


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Sep 15, 2012
Alnwick, Northumberland
I’ve just run a test and can confirm the tools DONT add xp from survives against the odds.

My fighter received SATO injury roll, a 2xp underdog bonus and 2xp from the random d6. His final count of xp was 4xp, confirming that the SATO hadn’t been added.
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