Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

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It is true that if they keep thr base box as it is, no one will (or should) buy it with thr new rulebook coming soon!
One can dream: they might repackage the "correct" rulebook in there... I for sure would love to extend my goliath and eschers, and plan to get that book anyway, so...

I dunno, we live in times where Games Workshop push out new boxed games all the time... and people buy them for the models and a few other bits and just bin the box, rules and card stuff.

So in that sense Underhive can still sell just as well even with a full rulebook out there. The one in the box is pretty much tailored to the contents of the box.

Would be nice if they swapped it for a fresh mini rulebook but honestly, can’t see it happening.
I agree, valid point. I can see them not replacing the box rulebook for just that reason. It is indeed tailored to the box contents and might even be alright for people just intending to play in Zone Mortalis.

I really just hope the new rulebook has been proof-read at least once. An index would be great for quick reference. If some of the really horribly written rules have been fixed, I don't even mind them having the N17 community beta-testing what should have been a finished game from day one.
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So on the new minis front, do you think that Anvil Industries Unity Council minis will 'fit' with the Delaques? I'd like a few bodies to make the gang less identikit, and are anvil likely to be similar highted?

I have some other Anvil guys. Thy scale well against 40k or old Necrom minis, but they look a little slimmer because of the proportions. Against N17 models, they might look a little small.

Thanks, ill find some! I guess not every ganger is the same size. My Escher really vary in height for sure between old metals, new plastics and wych bodies.
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