Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

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They just posted a reminder about it on the N17 facebook group... unless of course they've done that not knowing the stream is borked.

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Most excellent news!
I didn't check their twitch yesterday evening so it's possible the nurglings have been at it for a while and 'today' was in fact yesterday. Anyway, it's great that it has been fixed in time for the N17 stuff.
We already have a few information on the books:

They are hardback books, about the same size each as the old 40k/WFB rulebooks (I'd say about 200 pages each from the look of it).
The books have everything published in the previous books (they did mention Dominion but not Turf War though) but not the WD gangs
They are a new version of the rules that includes player feedback and have been reformated.
There a few new stuff (if I heard correctly, something called "house sub-plots"?)
There won't be a GW6 but Delaque rules will be available separately. In what form exactly will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Delaque skillsets and weapons:


Lascannon is not on the HWL apparently (they said it's not an option but can be purchased from the TP)

Delaque dude:

Delaque brute:


Delaque pet:

(missed this one, thanks Coenus Scaldingus)

Delaque stats:


Looks like they finally manage to fix the Wargear problem. Gangers can no longer get Grenades (which was unnecessary since they are Wargear and everybody can get Wargear) and leader/champ now have no weapon restriction (they used to have no equipment restriction)

Delaque Dice:

Andy : "I'm a big fan of tactic cards"... :unsure:

About the guilds we have seen concept art of a while ago: they will apparently not be separate gangs, but your gang will be able to work for one of the guild and get allied fighters from it.

To give you an idea of the size of the books, here is the case that they (or the deluxe edition?) come in (and you can see one of the books at the bottom):

I have a feeling that those books are not gonna be cheap... and they didn't say anything about an e-book version

Tactic card decks now have an explicit lower limit of 8 cards (because that's how many different generic tactic cards are in the starter box)
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- they have digi-lasers, shock staves, web gauntlet, stileto knives
- resin heavy flamer coming in the weapons pack
- spyker: delaque brute pysker
- spectre: small robo walker, lots of sensors for sentry and boosting intellect
- 26 delaque tactics cards (can move terrain, auto-miss shot against them, fighters swap positions, can move a fighter anywhere within 1" of enemy, pitch black rules apply until end of the game, if fighter is hit then can swap hit against a nearby friend, three fighters can immediately shoot/move at start of game, an enemy fighter suffers -1 to stats (spiked drinks))
- guilders not an entire gang - gangs can ally towards a caste (e.g. water caste), a few guilder models join your gang- still working on ideas (so probs not anywhere near release)

- house subplots - in the compendium - four tables to roll keyed to card sets (can use normal cards) - each deck has objectives rewarded with money, reputation, experience, or extra gang tactics (you can choose the deck so can focus on a specific reward type)
- they are redoing the phear cat models

- thus ends Inside the Studio, sorry lads got to go so won't be able to do the rulebook session
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Hmm, I do hope those are some kind of Deluxe version because they look expensive - and so far N17 books have looked cheap and been expensive, I dread to think what one that looks expensive might cost :confused:

Will they be doing a trade-in scheme for money off them since the rules in this "fixed" version will be different to all of the books I already own? Or releasing a concise list of all changes so my existing books can be brought up to date*? (A man can dream can't he?)

*Yes, I realise a concise list of all changes is likely to be the same thing as an entirely new rulebook!
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Took some notes too:

Limited edition slipcase with both books will also be available [pictured].
New rulebook updated, reformatted, tidied up. Includes dominion campaign, plus new material: house subplots. Every previous scenario is in there.
All 6 house gangs, pets, brutes, dramatis personae, hired guns, trading post.
Everything published in books - WD gangs "not in final state yet"
It is more balanced, edited, proofread
Delaque rules will also be available separately, in yet to be announced form (next week)
Delaque background most changed from before. Clearer identity, but left some mystery to the imagination. Hinted at abhuman/alien influence? Slightly taller than other figures.
Gunshroud - stealthy.
Throwing daggers, longlas as heavy, stiletto knives.
Rebreather possibly because they need a different atmosphere?
Digilasers, webgauntlet (pistol), shockstave, and more webby stealthy thingies
Plasma, melta, grav, heavy flamer
Lascannon not an option (aside from Trading Post)
Spyker as brute - telepathy, blasting people with their *mind*
Robot with sensors Spekter, detection, some defensive measures but little attack. Background: bonded to master, grown from part of their brain

Delaque tactics: play at start, after deployment, move D6 obstacles, alternatively add or remove D3.
Play when enemy ranged, intelligence check, if failed attack fails and ends.
After priority, swap positions two of your models
Enemy may not target one of your models for a turn, unless that model attacks
Any round after first, darkness (pitch black) in effect for rest game - lights off!

General: Play when hit by ranged, another friendly fighter of your choice able to be hit gets hit instead.
At start after deployment, 3 fighters may make shoot (basic) action.
Pre-battle sequence. One opponent's fighter may not be selected in pre-selection.
Pre battle when choosing crews. Enemy -1 BS, WS, intelligence, plus 2 cool (drunk)

"Game sold very well in the retail stores"

Working on idea to incorporate guilders. Ally for gang, representatives in your gang. Not as whole gang.

Subplots. Started development early this year. Meant for GW3, no space, 4, no space, now in compilation.
4 tables, fitting card suits. Extra money as rewards on one whole table, so choose what you require. They represent missions from Nobles.
Add to reputation on other table. Experience on third. Fourth allows drawing extra tactics cards during the game.

Cards for scenario thingies are in Dominion campaign rules, but actual cards may well be re-released soonish.

Phyrr cats: resculpted to improve them, thus delaying release.

EDIT: And two pictures not posted yet: the robot thingy shown above is this Spekter:

And a map of Necromunda on the inside cover:

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Ok, round 2!

The rule-book open up with a lot of background, including new stuff (for instance, a timeline for Necromunda)
They spent time rewriting, editing and proofreading the rules (they forget playtesting :p)
No more "advanced rules" non-sense apparently, they reorganized the rules.

They separated statuses (with secondary statuses) and conditions:


It never really bothered me the way it was before but it is indeed tidier and clearer this way. If they did the same with everything I'll be happy.

They answered the Webbed question: recovering from being webbed indeed gives you a Flesh wound.

The apparently clarified the Charge action, or at the very least the 1" rule:

(I'm starting to get a little irritated at JTY's complete inability to acknowledge that the original rule was ambiguous)

Unified rules for terrain and movement in 2D and 3D:


Revised Blast and Template rules:

They "clarified" the Toxin/Armour interaction:



JTY: "It's just a clarification"... Grrrr... :mad:

Gangs of the Underhive book now:

Apparently, they finally unified all the gang composition rules on a single page

Wooohooo... he acknowledged that having Wargear mean two different things in GW3 was a mistake :LOL:

Andy: "The Gang War books are going away and they are being replaced with this".
JTY: "We have no intention of scrapping those books next year and come back with a bigger one" (Hmmm... :unsure:)

New rules for bounty hunters, they now care more about hunting bounties ^^:




There will still be quarterly releases, they don't have to all be new gangs, but there will be more gangs.

Traits (Silent is a new trait, attached to weapons like needlers, Versatile and Toxin have been reworked):


The revised scenarios from the GAP are in the rulebook.
Speaking of the GAP, it's indeed sold out as we thought.
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I can't help but feel that this iteration of Delaque just really doesn't sit with me; all this spyker experimentation and cephalopod spekter fluff would be pretty much going in the deep end of Heresy with both feet in core 40k/old necromunda; there's no way this would stay quiet enough to not warrant Inquisitorial investigation (Spykers) or some form of sanction from the Adeptus Mechanicus (Spekters).
I thought Nurglings ate their hard drive? At least Thorgor was on the ball.

At least they serm to be trying to clean things up a bit. Shame they can't admit they ballsed it up with the Gang War books.

Got to say I'm concerned about how much these things are going to cost.

Do we still have to pay the full cost for hired guns or have they come up with campaign costs for them (even with the chance of them sticking around for free they look too expensive to hire).

Looks like they've fixed versatile to a x" engagement range. Should actually be a useful trait now.
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And that's all for tonight folks!

I must admit the rewrite of the rules is better than I feared. It looks like they did a real effort to address all the issues. They didn't talk about Fearsome but considering how they have reworked Versatile I'm now confident that it should be functional. They also got rid of the 2D6 vs. 1D6+S from Toxin.. did they finally overcome their dice-roll fetish?

Now to see how expensive those books will be...

Do we still have to pay the full cost for hired guns or have they come up with campaign costs for them (even with the chance of them sticking around for free they look too expensive to hire).
I think you still have to pay full price. The new special rule is supposed to fix the problem.
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Only caught the end:
Cover now grants a save bonus from blast weapons.

Beast lure now has profile enabling skills like Step aside, rather than auto hit.

Gang leaders pack is back briefly while stocks last - but format is as per that of the book, as written at same time should be a hint to level of proofreading / are turf & dominion both a thing or is turf no longer supported? Still curious about that.

Shame it wasn't done like this first but Im feeling positive about the new books.

Got distracted during talking about blaze is that tweaked?
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Woo!! Thanks for all the reporting guys!! It’s looking good so far and some of those clarifications are good to see (the toxin one is simplified to the point I wonder why they didn’t just do it like that first time!).

Right as HappyWarboss for the minute I’m going to go have a little dance around the Spire until we hear what price those books are coming in at!

...Please be sensible please be sensible please be sensible....
Price-wise, considering the BB almanac is £30 for a 140p hardback book and Kill Team is £25 for a 208p paperback book, I think those books will probably be £35~40 each.

Edit: they books may be closer to 150 pages than 200. The Traits list is on page 144 and they are usually found towards the end, so maybe "only" £30 for each book.
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